It was a usual morning and I got up at 08.20am in the morning. With my eyes not wide open yet, I came out of my room and reached the drawing hall. I saw that my father was reading the newspaper, sitting on the sofa in the hall.

As I reached near the sofa and happened to sit down, dad saw me and asked,

Good Morning, my son. Good to see you.”I presumed that he would be angry at me for not getting up for the morning pooja (prayer).

Good morning, dad. Sorry I am a bit late today. I missed the morning pooja in which the whole family need to be present.”– I replied explaining my point.

Dad replied in a calm voice, “Its ok J.I am sure the same thing will not be repeated tomorrow. Take it as a resolution today itself.”

Yes,dad. I will. Basically, I was awake till late night and so I was late to get up too. A bio-clock shift one can say.”– I added.

My dad is a Surgeon by profession, and is very timely whether it is the early morning trips to his posting place or getting up early at odd times to treat emergency patients. He is my ideal, though I am highly unsuccessful in copying his good habits.

I took the other newspaper, which I presumed he might have read. As I took the newspaper in my hands, and was about to read through the details, one thing arose in my mind.

Dad, have you brought my book? It’s that blue-coloured book which I told to bring from our house in the town.” – I asked

Dad turned to me and replied, “Oh. I forgot to bring it. I remembered it till evening and kept it at a handy place too but then I forgot. I attended the evening OPD and directly came from there.”

Oh. Dad! That book is a very essential book. I had my whole mood to read that book today.” – I replied sadly.

Dad turned to me and said, “I will be going back day after tomorrow hopefully. I will remember to bring it then.”

Dad, Can I go and get that book. I need it now itself. I am in mood to read that book today itself.” – I asked.

Read some another book for now. Why to travel 80km just to get a book when you know that I will bring it in 2-3 days when I will go.” – He replied in a calm voice.

Ok dad, as you say.” – I replied, although I wanted to read that book today itself. I killed my desire and said. I tried to engage in reading the newspaper, but didn’t find any interesting stuff to read.

As a result, I left reading the newspaper and got up from there and went to my room. I had a great mood to read the book but I was unable to get to it. I took another book of the same subject and glanced at it. After looking at some of its pages randomly, I picked another book and did the same to it too.

Just then, Dad came to the room and asked, “What are you doing my son?”

Dad, I am making the strategy what to read today. I will be planning accordingly for that. I will have to change the strategy because that book is not available with me.” – I replied casually.

Dad looked at me. He thought for a moment and replied, “Do one thing. Go to the town to get the book. No need to change the strategy.”

I was very happy to hear this and my smile indicated my happiness. The book was of my favourite subject and that too by my favourite author. I thought about it, but feared that dad may assume this thought as non-practical or weird.

Listen one thing” – Dad said.

Yes dad.” – I replied.

Present time is 08.45am. Get ready till 09.15am to be able to catch the bus @10am. I will drop you to the Bus boarding point.” – Dad said in an instructional way with smile.

Love you dad. You know what I want. Thank you soo much” – I said happily.

Love you too my son. I want to see you happy always.” – Dad replied.

I got ready sharply at 09.15am, because I was greatly excited to read that book. I know that it may sound weird to travel 80km just for a book, but I was feeling so excited for it.

After getting ready, we left the home for our destination .i.e. the Bus boarding point. I was not carrying any luggage because I was going just to get the book, but instead carried an empty bag, to keep the book into.

There is much crowd over here. Re-think. You may not even get a seat because the previous bus has been cancelled.” – Dad said as we reached the bus stop.

Great crowd of people were standing and all were waiting for the bus. The ticket clerk informed that the bus will come any moment.

I am firm to my decision dad. I will go, even if it means to stand up for the whole journey of 1hr 30 minutes. I will still go.” – I replied confidently.

After a while, Dad’s mobile rang. It was uncle on the other side and he wanted to meet dad. After the conversation ended, I told dad, “Dad, if you want to go to meet uncle. You can surely go. I will manage to board the bus and get a seat.”

Ok my son. Go carefully and may the journey be happy. Come as soon as your work gets finished.” – Dad said with a smile on his face.

Yes dad! Love you always.” – I replied and greeted him good bye.

After 5minutes the bus came at the bus stop. All the people rushed to get in and as a result the seats were full in a matter of minutes. The remaining passengers were to travel standing. I was among the standing passengers. After taking the ticket from the conductor, I asked him, “Is there any chance to get a confirmed seat?”

No sir! Due to the folk festival in the adjoining town, all buses are going like this. You will have to travel standing.” – The conductor replied, showing his inability to do anything for the standing passengers.

On usual time, the bus started from the bus stop. All the seats were occupied and even the passage to the seats, were occupied by the passengers. If someone need to get out of the bus then they will have to request the fellow passengers to give them place and even 2-3 will have to get out of the bus to facilitate him.

Luckily I was in front side crowd, as I stood at a place which was near to the exit gate. I picked out my phone and started to browse the internet – .i.e. my favourite time-pass.

After some time, I felt that the bus was much crowded and as I was using the mobile phone, the nearby people began to look into the screen. When I observed this, I stopped and kept the phone back into my pocket.

The whole journey took time but finally when it was finished, I was quite happy and relieved when the conductor announced the name of the town which was my destination. I was happy but somehow tired, mainly due to the boredom.

When the bus stopped I managed to get out of the bus. This was somehow easy because this town was a big town. After getting out, I glance all around. My eye stopped at a shop where I saw mineral water bottles hanging outside. On seeing them, I realised I should buy one for myself. After having water, I began walking to our house in the town.

I was tired standing and the walking added to it. I encouraged myself from time to time, saying to myself, “The destination is now quite near.”

Finally after much long time, I reached my place. Our house in the town has a huge and great look when compared to the small houses around. Though, in the present situation some more big houses have been made in the near colonies but not in our colony. The house is surrounded with a boundary wall so that only people with the keys can enter. (security concerns need to be addressed)

As I entered the house and opened the main gate, I was happy to see the grass well trimmed. This is when I remembered what dad said sometime back that he got the grass trimmed by the gardener. Thinking about all this, I reached to the door of the main hall of the entrance, as soon as I opened the gate, a pigeon flew outside from above my head.

I began to wonder as to how the pigeon managed to enter the door, as they were no opening holes in the waiting hall. After observing all the four sides for a while I concluded that it entered the hall when the door was accidentally kept open and then it got locked over there.

I thanked god for saving the life of a creature this way. I sat on the chair there itself and called dad to narrate the instance that just happened.

Me: Hello Dad, I just reached the place.

Dad: Okay. That’s great. So how was the overall trip?

Me (I was curious to tell him about the pigeon instance): It was ok dad. I wanted to tell you that when I opened the main door of the house, a pigeon flew out. I think it might have been locked in accidentally.

Dad: “Oh, is that so? It is very nice that it flew out. I can’t understand how it got locked in. I usually don’t open the gate for long time. I think it happened and went unnoticed.”

Now I agree with what people say, it’s always his plan that usually works out. – He added.

Me: His plan? Whose plan, dad?

Dad: God’s plan. It was his plan to save the pigeon and it was executed through your desire to read that book. God executed it by motivating you to travel 80km for the book. You were the medium and God the main planner.

Me: Oh wow, dad! I feel proud that God choose me for this. Thanks a lot my god. (I closed my eyes to remember the Almighty.)

All my tiredness vanished as I heard this. I was feeling proud that God choose me for this good purpose. I ended the conversation with Dad and got up from the chair. This is when I noticed the book, kept on the table on the left side. This book was what motivated me to travel 80kms.

I took the book in my hand, closed my eyes again and slowly said,

God’s plan