Finances and availability are some of the chief factors when the topic of volunteering comes up. The reasons for volunteering vary from one individual to another. Some do it because of self-conviction, while others may see it as an opportunity to explore life in other countries. There are endless opportunities for anyone desiring to volunteer abroad. However, one has to aspire and have a calling.

As much as volunteering to work abroad is life-changing, one can reap benefits from short-term opportunities. Multiple companies offer volunteer trips as brief as one week. Individuals enjoy traveling for a short duration in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, among others. Many projects exist in such countries, allowing ardent volunteers to sacrifice their time and energy. Here are several short-term volunteer opportunities worth experiencing.

Plan My Gap Year

With slightly over a decade of existence, Plan My Gap Year features reasonable volunteer opportunities, such as teaching, childcare, and wildlife conservation, among others. The projects exist in the Pacific, Asia, as well as Africa. A team of experts from the organization scrutinizes all its programs to ensure complete transparency and safety for the volunteers. It’s an ideal option for anyone yearning to influence their lives positively.

The company presents several alternatives like Bali, ideal for teaching English and obtaining training in Medicare. Bali features irresistible scenery and fun activities, such as mountains and the beach.

Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel is a perfect match for anyone seeking to become a volunteer abroad for a week or two. The organization exists in Latin America, where candidates have benefited from learning language courses, acquired internships, and earned other opportunities. Maximo Nivel has accommodated over 25,000 candidates from all parts of the world.

Many praise the organization for its affordable programs, ranging from $595 a week. Each package comes with orientation, dancing classes, airport services, emergency provision, and certificates, among other treats.

The world has many short-term opportunities for anyone willing to volunteer abroad. Regardless of the field, geographical features, and other aspects that an individual may be looking for, many organizations have many programs. In conclusion, volunteering has no limits, time, or season. What more, there is freedom of choice for volunteers.

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