After all, an online business is cheaper than an offline one.

Offline, you pay 5-6 digits for real estate. You need that as an HQ/office/place to store and sell services…

But online, this isn’t the case – even if you sell physical merchandise.

All you need are costs to store products, and an online presence.

Here’s an online business in the UK that works well with minimal employees or monthly running costs. CarVeto offers free and paid car history checks for UK motorists. The whole business is managed online without the need for phone customer support. Most of their traffic is derived from brand search and Google results. 

Storing the products is manageable. And building an online presence is not really hard…

In fact, it’s the main reason to move your whole business online!

How So?

You don’t need more than $50/month for an online presence.

And $50 is a great number. This is for websites that host tons of data, are famous, and need advanced servers.

As a recent internet entrepreneur, you don’t spend more than $10-$30 per month.

Anything else you spend is upfront and one-time. This includes your website theme (aesthetics), a few books, and maybe a web designer.


Online, you pay to rent “web hosting space” and “domain names.”

The average domain name is $15/year. Some are even cheaper…

As for web hosting, you only pay $2 to $12 per month. And those $12 are for expensive/advanced packages.

Much Lower Costs.

You save thousands of dollars, meaning less debt. Thus, you can take more business risk, or own other luxurious assets.

And that’s what you gain by going online.


The ease of it stops here. Because e-business is a world of its own.

How? Well, picking a hosting service is like choosing a store location.

Location matters offline. And the host you choose matter too.

And this is for many reasons…

How Hosts Affect Your Site.

Hosts store all your domain information. That’s where the control panels for them are.

If your host is down, your website goes down temporarily. And this can be disastrous, since it cuts off sales.

It restricts your traffic without warning.

Add to that loading speed. A bad host loads your web pages slower. And this repels customers, and lowers your ranking in Google.

Then there’s security.

If your hosting account is hacked into, all your site information is stolen. And this includes the cards you bought the hosting with.


You need to shop for good hosts.

This means getting to know the ones out there. It means reading reviews on each, and understanding what they have to offer.

This is tough, unless you have someone to narrow down the search.

And fortunately, we know a place that’ll speed up the process for you! That would be…

Say Web Hosting.

For a BlueHost vs HostGator comparison, this is who you need.

The previous 2 services are establishments in the web hosting world. They’re the best to seek.

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