Melissa Withers

Hi Melissa Withers! I’m excited to share your story and your business with our readers.

Hi Sujan, thank you so much for the opportunity to share!

Tell me little bit about yourself and your work

After traveling the world full-time with my business last year, I’ve actually grounded in a gorgeous sunny little town in New Zealand (for now!) while I continue to grow and expand my business. I help people hack into their deeper potential by unleashing powerful personal brands and leveraging high-ticket sales.

Why do you think team work is important to build a successful business?

I think that as entrepreneurs, so many of us try to do it all alone. To figure it all out by ourselves, do it all ourselves, troubleshoot all problems ourselves – you get the idea! True growth, scale and expansion comes through the power of a team. By balancing the strengths of others with areas that you may lack the support or knowledge that you need, we’re able to all play to and grow with each other’s strengths. Hire before you feel you’re ready (otherwise you’ll be hiring when it hurts!).

Fostering a culture of shared growth, support and consistent personal development, as well as really instilling the power of your vision into others is a recipe for success when growing a team.

What are your tips to manifesting anything we desire in life?

I absolutely love the laws of manifestation, it’s something I could speak about all day. We are all vibrational beings, and the biggest key to hacking your manifestation is to always remember that you must become a vibrational match to that which you want, otherwise it can take much longer (or may not even show up at all!).

Many people get tripped up with manifestation, but it’s actually quite simple. Here are 3 easy tips to accelerate your own manifestation process:

Get laser clear on what it is you want. The more specific you can be, the clearer and quicker your manifestation will become. What is it that you want? And don’t just state it in a broad term, such as money or a relationship. Exactly how much money do you want, and exactly what do you want every single one of those dollars for? What kind of relationship do you want, and with what kind of person, and exactly how would you feel if that relationship was already in your reality? Be specific!

Get into the FEELING of knowing that what you desire is now yours. Feel into it as deeply as you can, with as much detail as you can (bonus points for incorporating your 5 senses!). Bring all of this into the present tense, the present moment, as if it is happening right now. When we leave something at some future date, we’re not even aware that we’re always leaving it out of arms reach – because it ends up always being in the future!

Once you’ve locked in exactly what you want, and you know exactly how you feel knowing it is now yours, what strategic, aligned action can you personally take to accelerate the process? Manifestation doesn’t mean we lock in the vision and then wait on the couch for it to come through the mail – we still get to do the work in making it happen that much more quickly, but from the space of knowing it’s done and that our dreams and desires are always supported.

Why we should show up every day as an entrepreneur?

Showing up powerfully and consistently as an entrepreneur is what gets you seen by your ideal clients, customers and potential team members. If people don’t know that you or your product exists, how are they supposed to buy from you? Being front of mind means that you’ll be remembered when the right time comes for someone to make a purchase from you. Show up, share three times more value than asking for a sale, and be omnipresent to your ideal customers. Relevancy is key!

How can people contact you?

Social media is the easiest way to connect with me @themelissawithers



Or you can email me at [email protected]