Employers have to focus on different things at work. Because of this, they may sometimes forget to show appreciation towards employees. When employees don’t feel appreciated, they may lose motivation and others may seek employment elsewhere. If you show them appreciation, then they will work hard and stay. Keep these tips in mind to show your employees appreciation.

Always Say Thank You

Some managers forget to say thank you to employees. It’s a simple gesture, but it shows that you appreciate your employees’ contributions. Some give a monotone thanks to their employees – avoid doing that. People can tell when you’re genuine, so make sure to give them an honest thanks.

This will show that you care and they will appreciate that you recognize their work. People who feel appreciated work harder and want to continue to impress or assist the one who thanked them. Furthermore, employees that feel genuinely appreciated will pass this feeling forward through their work and interaction with other employees. 

Share Success Stories

If your employee does something that goes the extra mile, share that success with others. This will show that you care, allow you to express that appreciation, and encourage other employees to work hard. However, keep in mind that if you do it too often or for only one employee, then others may get mad or feel discouraged.

Find the right balance. As you do so, you can show appreciation while continuing to motivate other employees to work hard.

Speak Highly Of Employees Behind Their Backs

Some people speak badly about others, but you can speak highly of others instead. As you interact with employees, tell them something you appreciate about another employee. The person you talked to will inevitably inform the employee you complimented and they will appreciate what you said.

Just as gossip or mean words go around the office, kind words will eventually reach the ears of others. It shows your employees that you think highly of them and appreciate the work that they do around the office. This sets a good example for the entire workplace as well and promotes a healthy culture. 

When you show employees appreciation, they will want to continue to receive that appreciation. They do so by continuing to work and completing tasks that you request. This will help you to create a positive work environment and keep your employees happy.

Originally published on JimmyLustig.com