Who doesn’t dream about leaving the daily grind and becoming an entrepreneur? While some people are truly cut out to become self-made, they might not even realize it. Even the most ambitious people sometimes question their ability to break out from their cubicle. Although becoming self-made usually doesn’t happen overnight, there are signs that indicate budding entrepreneurs are headed in the right direction:

Passion with Purpose

Those who have made it as entrepreneurs will attest, without passion, even the most lucrative projects will fail. Successful entrepreneurs are passionate about their purpose and find ways to transform their ideas into reality.

No Means Yes

Another characteristic of people who made it is their determination and drive. They didn’t take no for answer, so even if their first idea flopped, they went back to the drawing board and refined their strategy.

Communicative Skills on Point

People destined to succeed know how to communicate. They know the right way to engage with both investors and their target audience. They also know when to step back and remain silent.

Not Afraid of Hard Work

People who do only the minimal only achieve minimal results. However, someone destined to be an entrepreneur is’t afraid of working overtime. They invest their time into their passion project because they know it will pay off in the end. A little hard work and a few less hours of sleep is just part of building an empire.

They Fly Solo

When someone has a dream to succeed, there’s just about nothing that can get in their way. Their focus in on making their dreams come true; even if this means spending more hours alone than the majority. Building a business from the ground up isn’t easy, but an entrepreneur in the making is willing to spend time alone working on what matters most.

Inquisitive by Nature

Finally, people who always want to know more, find ways to solve problems and thrive on the unknown usually make it to the top. Their inquisitive nature propels them forward to learn more. To find answers, they embrace the unknown as opposed to fearing it.

At the end of the day, a successful entrepreneur knows that it won’t be easy. The road of entrepreneurship is paved with its challenges and sometimes the unknown. However a true entrepreneur will always have their eye on the prize; living the life they dream about.

This blog was originally published on DanielMarcinko.com