Have you found yourself wondering what it actually feels like to be thriving? If you consider yourself a health-conscious person, chances are you are always looking out for ways to improve your wellbeing. Yet, in order to truly experience joy and contentment in our lives, it is vital that we acknowledge the things that are already going well for us. Here are some tell-tale signs that your personal health decisions are benefitting you.

Regular Sleep Cycles

Deep sleep is denoted by vivid dreams and a restful feeling upon waking. If you are going to bed at approximately the same time each night and rising easily every morning, your body has regulated itself into a natural circadian rhythm based on your daily habits and the amount of light outside. One of the incredible Thrive side effects is an effortless balancing of energy levels. Consistent exercise and mindful relaxation will only continue to promote this helpful cycle. Getting enough sleep is more important than you may realize; it normalizes blood pressure and metabolism, regenerates your cells, and recharges your mental capacities. Consider it a major win if you don’t have any notable sleep challenges!

Positive Mentality

When your body is functioning well, so is your brain –– and vice versa. Neuroscience has demonstrated that proper diet, exercise, sleep, and social engagement motivate the brain’s neurotransmitters to fire “happy chemicals” like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These messages contribute to an optimistic outlook on life, which in turn feeds into your whole system’s perception of safety and wellness. What’s more, the release of these compounds contributes to the brain’s ability to adapt to new situations, including stressful ones. Effortless confidence, grace in the face of obstacles, and the acuity to learn new skills are all indications of a stable and resilient mentality –– one that will serve you greatly as you continue to make wholesome decisions for yourself.

Seamless Digestion

Eating a diverse array of fresh, nutrient-dense foods has a cascading effect on your overall health. Carbohydrates provide a slow-burning source of energy, healthy fats rejuvenate your brain and nerve cells, protein builds muscle and joint tissue, vitamins from fruits and vegetables support your immune system, and foods that are high in fiber and probiotics stimulate healthy digestion. If you feel that your appetite is steady and your gut is able to process what you eat without any discomfort, you should celebrate! Believe it or not, the brain’s interpretation of your internal wellbeing is directly related to the diet choices you make. This is because the longest nerve in your body, the vagus nerve, runs from your brain stem all the way down to your gut. This superhighway of information is constantly deciphering messages from both ends. As a result, any inflammation from unhealthy foods will be interpreted as a negative signal, while the absence of this inflammatory activity encouraged by your stellar diet will be translated into signals that lead to a state of rest and digest.

Balanced Emotions

Health and happiness go hand in hand. When you feel good internally, your relationship with yourself is characterized by a state of calm, and your capacity to engage with others in a loving way increases. Physical and emotional health are difficult to differentiate; too much tension can cause detriment to our body’s many systems, and any sense of imbalance in the body can lead to emotional unease. Thus, knowing how to feel your feelings is yet another sign that you have learned to respond appropriately to your body’s needs. We all experience intense emotions, and it is completely normal to have reactions to stress that are not entirely healthy. Ultimately, the intention to take good care of yourself is enough to promote ongoing wellness. If you have noticed any of these positive changes in your personal health, you are on the right track. Taking baby steps towards your goals will keep you headed in the right direction.