Your Job

After months, maybe years, of joblessness and sending your resume to all and sundry, you finally passed that interview, got that job, and thought that would be the end of misery. However, of late, you have not been normal. Your days are characterized by bouts of sleep in the office and lack of motivation. The arrogant receptionist is not making things any better. Long working hours, pressure, and your nagging boss can be some of the contributors to your feelings. If you allow it to continue happening, it can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

How then do I know what to look out for? Don’t worry. We’ve done all the dirty work for you. Keep an eye on the following common indicators;

1. You either can’t sleep, or you sleep too much

Sleep is a huge indicator of peace of mind or lack thereof. Stress can affect your sleep in two ways: either you become insomniac, or it might cause you to need more sleep to cope with the increased adrenaline and cortisol levels. Sleep deprivation can be a result of you not being able to get your mind off work. It can affect your moods, sex drive, blood pressure, immune system, and motivation levels. Alternatively, if you go to bed at a decent hour but still struggle to get up in the morning, your body could be trying to communicate.

What to do about it

Try a few techniques to relax your body. You can try meditation or deep breathing. These have been proven to help people keep stress at bay and manage their anxiety. Such activities are easy to fix in your schedule as they require only a few minutes per day.

2. You are losing or gaining weight

Your well-being also determines your appetite. Your fights and pressure from the office could cost you your interest in food. This will lead to weight loss and, consequently, a negative impact on your health. Alternatively, the increased levels of adrenaline and cortisol could make your appetite hit the roof. You begin noticing that you want to eat more, even in between meals. You may also have difficulties trying to lose weight. A bulge in your waistline should be a red flag that your weight is increasing due to stress.

What to do about it

Start exercising or change the way you do. Also, change your dietary habits. This can be a bit challenging amidst your sea of overwhelming pressure. However, take it upon yourself to eat healthier and exercise more, to see significant benefits in your health. Just like every other journey, sometimes you may lack motivation and fall off the wagon. Don’t fret. Wake up the next day, ready to start anew.

Should you quit?

This is a common question. To get a clear answer, you have to look at your priorities. Is it your health, career, or family? If you are confident that nothing should come between you and your health and family, then work-related stress is a clear indicator that you should quit. However, have another source of income or enough savings to remain afloat before you quit. As you get ready to explore the industry once more, make sure you are well prepared for interviews. For instance, if you are headed for a new interview as a receptionist, you can ace yourself with receptionist interview questions and answers. This will give you a better insight of what to expect during the interview.

If your career is your top priority and job security means everything to you, then keep on going. However, you need to be more serious about implementing the solutions we’ve suggested above. Remember that a toxic boss and work environment can work against you. Raise your voice and talk to HR about it. Do not let your toxic boss put your health on the line. You can also seek role reassignment within the same firm.