Have you ever wondered about the paradoxes of life, how the best comes out of the worst?  You think rock bottom is so deep, there is no way to stretch your being out of the darkest of depths.  You are left of your own, entire, volition. It’s up to you to do or die. We are all in that game together

“Silt in Silence.”

At your worst, you find your Best

At your saddest you sense Happiness

At your door, there awaits an Opportunity

As the line is drawn, you Think

As time beckons for Patience

At the start you were Excited

As you wander for Now

And you Ponder

As there is no End

At a glance, your realization is too Late

At your heights, you lack Contentment

At the spark, you are Eager

Then upon realization, you are


At that moment, you turn


At that mistake, you turn


At the bridge, there is no Water

At that second, motivation Wanes

At the melody, strength Disrupts

As the power of purpose


As fear becomes Virtue

As your spirit Roams


As your faith Wanders


At your behest, the silt is Drifting

As the morsels of truth Seep


And it Rises

As the Purpose


At the Oasis,

And the self is Submerged

It drowns then Floats


As it Laments

As if to Mourn,

At Sorrow

As life Pines

At the mire of Disgust

As it gazes to find Honey

Away from Grief

As woes become Willing

As you watch the display of oceans Rasping

As you mumble to your Self,

As passages Part

As action Unveils

Sentiments Heave

As it Reveals

And despair finds Hope

As nectar Bleeds

At the muttering Nulls

As your breath Draws

As you rise in Circles

As the ascent flows Down

As uncertainty Lures

As the sea of Silence


As the mist withers

And the stark darkness Reveals

As the silt sits in Silence

As by your side nobody Answered

As the murmurs Pass

As the end Nears

As you find a Beginning

As the thought, chains the World

And your resolve dilutes Doubt

As you become Tired

As you reckon with the Realization.

As life passes with a Pause,