Absolutely. Also, they’re more convenient than traditional options.

They relieve private consumers. And they solve many business problems too.

It’s an extra option beyond email and social media. And it makes a business look “serious.”

How So?

SIM plans provide lines without phones. You buy the chip, and nothing else.

You don’t get an extra phone. Nor do you get a two-year contract for a phone line.

You can go for shorter contract lengths. Those range from 1 month to 1 year.

So it’s an affordable option. But also…

Less Work Stress.

Many businesses are worried about clients phoning, with no one responding.

This is a common work scenario. It applies specifically to offices of solo entrepreneurs, or those with low employee counts.

SIM only plans are mobile. You can take your business with you anywhere.

This makes a business open to client requests at any time. And it removes much mental stress.

But Some Business Have Closing Hours…


However, others are more diligent. They prefer to keep their contact lines open (especially as startups seeking clients).

They include…


Specialized “hands-on” services can benefit from SIM-only plans.

Why? Because they works with personal phones. And contractor services (especially sole proprietorships) rely on those.

Some Perspective.

Contractors work locally. Thus, they’re more likely to be called than “emailed”.

So a hands-on business phone is necessary. That’ll be a personal phone, not a landline.


As a contractor, what if you get called for emergencies?

It could be an electrical problem or a pipe explosion – that depends on your niche.

Those problems are highly stressful. They require first-responder capabilities. For those, you need clients to directly reach you.


All brokers (in all domains) need SIM only.

They can be stock brokers. Or, they you can be real-estate agents.

Even be job finders need such phones.

The point is, this line of work requires fast communication. Expect to do work walking, in office, and at home.

A Similar Situation to Contractors.

Brokers are now easier to reach in emergency situations.

Also, it is easier reach clients with the leads they need. This could be a job offer, a real estate contract, etc.

No offices landlines required.

Speaking of those – office lines aren’t used out of work hours. But SIM plans are.

So brokers can take their work home. That way, more time can be invested talking to clients!

#3 – Online Work.

One pro of SIM only is device flexibility.

That is, it’s easy swapping chips from one place to another.

Chips can be swapped from phones to USB modems. And this makes them excellent for online workers!

Take the Internet Everywhere.

Many SIM only cards offer monthly “internet plans.”

The data is transferred by chip, not device or LAN. This means constant internet use, and on multiple devices.

An online worker can switch to a hotspot device. They can swap to USB modem. Or, they can install the chip in smartphones/tablets!

Perfect for Online Work.

After all, there’s the option of flexibility.

Anyone can work anywhere. This can be from home, at a café (that lacks internet), and out of city.

Work can even be done in transport. In fact, work can be taken from one office to another (or even to a friend’s house).

Removes the Stress of Internet Breakdowns.

An online worker’s worst nightmare.

Modem breakdowns put a halt on all projects. It means the inability to contact clients, respond, or finish work.

SIM only plans resolve that problem.

They normally have less incidence of breakdowns. And that removes much worry from an online worker!