Not all heroes wear capes and Jessica Koston is one of them.  Starting at eleven years ago her path went off-road and found herself drinking almost daily.  After spending a single night in jail she was determined to change her circumstances.

26 Bikini Competitions later she became a fitness leader and founded JLKFIT.  In such a saturated market it can be a struggle to stand out but Jessica is catapulting her influence.  Her inspiration is now online sharing her fitness courses across the world.

Being a major influence you will face obstacles.  Simon asked Jessica what her biggest obstacle was she said

“My mind.  Getting the courage to leave my safe corporate job of 11 years, to follow my heart and passion with fitness.”.

Her passion for fitness has made her the leader she is today.  She is inspiring hundreds of people we asked how she found her inspiration.

“Helping other people. Changing my own life has been such an amazing journey but now I have the opportunity to help others.  I want to impact people’s lives in a positive way”.

As an entrepreneur we face and overcome mountains.  In order to achieve success we must begin thinking success.  Our mindset is what separates doers and don’ts.  Jessica said how important mindset is to her.

“It’s everything.  Businesses takes time to build.  Especially when it’s an online business. You have to have thick skin”.

All the risk that comes with starting an online business  can spark fears within us.  Starting with the fear of failing and ending with the fear of losing everything. Very few of us know how to use fear as nas to generate success.  Jessica shares what success means to her.

“It means hard work, passion, hustle.  Making dreams a reality.  When you don’t have success handed to you and you have to work really really hard, it makes it so much more worth it when you finally succeed”.

It doesn’t matter where we start what matters is where we end and Jessica is proving that statement true. These are her words of advice.

“No matter what you go through in life it takes one decision to change. It sometimes takes years for a breakthrough but with perseverance you can succeed”.

We can find Jessica spreading her influence on Instagram @JLKFIT.


  • Serena McKenzie

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