Stress free life

We all face some situations in which we feel stressed either due to the financial issues or family matters. Stress can change our mood, way of thinking and even tone of voice and in the result we behave completely differently. Stress is harmful for mental and physical health so we need to control stress by all means. It is better to control it when it is in the initial stage afterwards it will change into chronic form and you may experience worse results.

I have controlled my stress by following the simple hacks and want to share with the Thrive Global community.

Think About What You Like Most

Whenever you feel frustrated take a deep breath and think about anything that you like most. It could be the happy moments, your friends, and even your favorite food. By this, you can relax your mind and shift your thoughts towards positive things. It is a short and sweet method to get rid of stress within minutes.

Count Your Breath

Take a deep breath. It’s not a bad life, just a bad day.

Simple and easiest method to overcome your stress by counting 10 breaths. Whenever I get stressed I start counting my breaths and I feel my brain is getting the power of healing and boosting my body. I repeat this exercise a few times so get out of the stress completely.

Be mindful at Work

It is observed that mindful people have very less chance of stress. Focusing on the moment you are in is the great method to reduce the stress. Always try to live in the present, don’t think about the past nor future. 

Create a List of Reasons

It’s great to know what things cause you stress, list down those things after which you feel frustrated and fall in deep thoughts. Finding triggers will solve half of the problems. Review them one by one to find the solution without doing any hard effort.

Play your Best Playlist

Everyone has at least one playlist that he/she listens to when they feel bored. Listening to your favorite songs or podcasts will switch your attention easily and get rid of the stress. Good feelings produce good hormones in the body and kill negativity from the mind. 

 Sleep Well

A huge number of people experienced lack of sleep that impacts the overall performance of the next day. A good sleep keeps the brain healthy and fresh. Stress will automatically come when a person is tired and feeling unwell. Go to bed on time to awake fresh and active in the morning.

Good Environment

A good environment provides relaxation feelings so whenever you feel frustrated change your environment. Take a break, a small walk can refresh the mind. If you’re in the workplace then stand up from the seat and drink a glass of water or a little conversation with a colleague may help you to reorganize your thoughts.

Set Boundaries

You’re your own boss, set the boundaries of all things. Don’t take on too many tasks that are impossible for you. Similarly, limit your thoughts and don’t worry about everything. Let it be how they are going, focus on your effort and consistency and leave all things.

Call someone you love

Hearing a loving one’s voice reduces the stress and makes a person happier from inside. You can call your mom, any friend or anyone else who is appropriate for that situation. You can share your problems with them or just revive an old memorable moment. I usually call my friend who and I bought a bomber jacket from FanJackets together to get a discount. We both have the same jacket so we can look the same and modern.

Write a Short Para

Writing will help to completely divert your thoughts to relieve stress. It originates new ideas in the mind and keeps you busy with the task. Whenever I get stuck I write randomly to dive in new useful thoughts and make my mind clear from everything.


By controlling your mind you can get rid of stress and can live a happier life. Stress free life is the key to good health and better work performance. So take care of yourself.