Elon Musk, one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, told a reporter last year that he was sleeping on his factory’s floor in order to save time and get the production of his Tesla Model 3 ramped up in order to meet demand.

A lot of budding entrepreneurs and business owners will invariably identify with such a situation as pressure situations like these are faced by every business, and it’s the owner that has to step and ensure that everything remains fine. And why not so, the company’s reputation is not something you would take lightly, therefore you put in all of your efforts towards making things work, even if it means pulling off all-nighters or long shits that sometimes get prolonged to even 14-16 hours each day.

Although such grueling schedules should never be recommended as they take a high toll on anyone’s mental and physical well-being, sometimes they become just unavoidable.

But, even when you are incredibly busy, you should never forsake your health and even if you can’t make time for proper rounds of exercise or sleep to help with rejuvenation, there are still some important hacks that you need to know so that the toll on your body gets neutralized to a certain extent, ensuring that you last longer without major breakdowns or health concerns.

Here’s how you, as a business owners/entrepreneur can take care of your health during peak season based long shifts without putting in too much time or effort through these incredibly helpful lifestyle tweaks:

Don’t Sit in Stressed Positions:

If you are pulling off an all-nighter, chances are that you will spend most of your time sitting around on your laptop catching on important work. If you sit in stressed positions while doing so like leaning your back against a wall while sitting down or sitting upright on your chair, back pain is highly likely to creep up on you sooner than you think.

Our bodies are naturally attuned to follow the circadian rhythm, so even if you feel fully awake, your body needs rest when it has had enough, therefore, what is usually a comfortable position during the day can be seriously detrimental to your health if you continue with it throughout the long shit.

Always ensure that you relax your body while sitting during long shifts, have a cushion or soft support behind your back with your neck having adequate support. Even a 5-minute stretching session would do you wonders if you can just squeeze it in your schedule. Doing this will invariably help you avoid major health issues like back, neck and cervical pain and it will also alleviate signs of stress and discomfort, making you last longer.

Take Care of Your Eyes:

Staring at the screen for long periods is mandatory during long shifts, but it can give you jarred vision if you don’t know how to balance things out. First things first, adjust the brightness of any screen you interact with to a medium-low level.

This will not allow your eyes to get that itchy feeling that often occurs when you look at bright screens for elongate periods. Secondly, if you wear glasses, take care that they are always clean and adjusted to suit your current vision or if you lenses, go for hydrated ones like acuvue oasys 12 pack as they will keep your eyes moist and reduce chances of redness.

Avoid Junk Food and Caffeine:

Snacking on junk foods is a given when you stay for long in the office. After all, you need something to munch on to satisfy those pangs of hunger you start feeling when you stay awake at the night actually. Still, junk foods remain junk foods, and they are not healthy.

Even a week of moderate eating of junk food can give you a visible increase on your pot belly and those definitely, are not healthy kilos.

Try and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet, even for snacking. Chomp on fresh fruits and vegetables and if you do want to eat junk food, keep it at a bare minimum.

Also, keep an eye on your caffeine consumption. When stressed or pushed beyond our limits, we take to caffeine as our only chance at the redemption of some much-needed energy. So coffee or smoke breaks become twice as long, leading to a high buildup of caffeine in your blood.

While it may not feel wrong at that time, a habit doesn’t take long to get strengthened and if you start relying on caffeine to gain energy, you’ll develop caffeine-related health issues like sleeplessness, restlessness, high heartbeat, anxiety and even, in some cases depression.

So, on an ideal basis, drink just one coffee every 3 hours or smoke on the same timeline in order to keep things in moderation.

Our health gets affected because of the same basic human fault that caused global warming i.e. not seeing the prolonged effects of indulging in a certain action. Eating too many chips or sitting in a twisted spiral won’t feel like much when you start doing it, but over time, these things can certainly have adverse effects on your health, some of them even being highly dangerous. So, during those long shifts, try and take consciously healthy decisions, because, only if you are healthy, will you be able to steer your firm to even greater heights and still be around here for driving more impetus in the peak season. May the force be with you!