Health and wellness has become a major topic globally ever since the pandemic broke out more than a year ago. Everyone’s just more concerned about their physical and mental wellbeing. This is the reason why webinars and articles focused on self-care continue to crop up just about anywhere. It’s also the reason why vitamins sales skyrocketed the past year.

And while supplements, retail therapy, skincare, and other forms of self-care do help, Melissa Snover, founder and CEO of Nourished says that the key to truly improving one’s well-being is understanding one’s self. “It’s easy to try and imitate what others are doing, but does that really, profoundly help you? The first and most important thing is to understand–not just know–but really understand what you need.”

Melissa is an award-winning entrepreneur and registered nutritionist. We asked her how one can take better care of themselves physically and mentally every day without having to exert too much effort.

  1. Schedule Quiet Time

It’s important to allocate time every day solely for yourself. How long? This really depends on you. This quiet time will help you reset your thoughts and understand your feelings better. Ideally, you do this in the morning as it helps you set the mood for the rest of the day, but nothing wrong with having it at night too, or any time within the day, really.

  1. Keep Moving

Staying active is an important aspect of health. Many people mistake this with the need to run five miles a day or spending an hour at the gym, lifting heavy weights. But really, it’s just about making sure that you move and sweat every day. The best way to do this is to find an exercise regime that you enjoy and that is sustainable for you. If sunset walks are your thing, then go by all means!

  1. Set Limitations and Take Breaks

Did you know that stress has a very big impact on your health? Yes, that shoulder and back pain you feel when you’ve been overworked for weeks is not just in your head. It’s your body’s reaction to prolonged stress. One way you can deal with this–and improve your health–is by learning how to set limitations both in life and at work, and taking regular breaks.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Unique Nutritional Needs

We are all unique in the sense that all our bodies are built differently, and we have different lifestyles and goals. The way that you nourish your body–the single lifestyle element that has the highest effect on your life–should be based on these things. “What we need to understand is that nutrition is not a one size fits all thing. This is where solutions like the one offered by Nourished come in. We are giving you the opportunity to literally build your own supplement based on your personal needs and goals,” explains Melissa.

Nourished is the first supplement brand that offers bespoke nutritional supplementation. Unlike other brands out there, it focuses on one key factor that has remained overlooked by other supplement brands for decades–individual needs. And it all starts with a medical-based quiz.

“What this quiz does is basically determine what specific nutrients go into your Nourished stack. It will ask you about your age, the level of physical activities you do, your physical and psychological goals. This will then be the basis for the 3D printed supplement that you are going to be prescribed by our science backed algorithm.”

Nourished’s breakthrough 3D printing technology allows it to create hyper-targeted, fresh, and delicious, vegan, sugar-free, made-to-order supplement stacks for anyone. These Nourished stacks taste like gummies and are proven to work faster and more efficiently than regular capsule supplements. And since they are created and shipped on-demand, they don’t spend weeks or months sitting on grocery shelves. This further ensures the potency of each stack.

“It is basically your supplement, designed by you, for you, when you need it. If at any point, you feel like your goals or lifestyle have changed, you can retake the quiz to calibrate what goes into your stack. It’s a sophisticated technology that significantly improves people’s health on a mass scale.”

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