Thanks to balance you can do many things, from riding a bicycle without falling to the simple act of standing up without getting dizzy. It also helps improve confidence, prevents falls and helps you stay active.

It is something like finding a point where there is a smooth balance between all areas of your life and the four planes: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

We know that things are neither black nor white. Between the extremes there is a wide range of grays that give you more than the extremes.

I have discovered that the happiest and most fulfilled people are those who are able to maintain their balance and change it at every step through awareness and daily practice.

Balance is necessary to feel inner peace and harmony in your life. To unfold your creativity and develop a powerful mindset.

Balance between your ego and your Self. Between your professional and personal life. Between the values ​​of the organization you work for and your own. Among all your planes: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Keys to find balance in your day to day

Know yourself

Yes I know, you are tired of reading this.

But as the ad on TV says, let me insist.

I understand you perfectly, sometimes we read the same thing in many places and it is “tiresome”. But it’s one of the keys, sorry. Knowing me has opened doors that I didn’t even imagine.

You have to take time to observe what thoughts and ideas unbalance you, why you spend more hours of the account at work and less with your family or why you have great laziness and procrastination.

Take care of your physical body

Our physical energy comes from our rest and food. Physical exercise transforms one energy into another.

You will have experienced it every time you do sports, on the one hand you may feel tired, however on the other hand you feel much better and clearer.

If you are one of those who choose to sit all day, eat anything, binge on coffees and also sleep a few hours or sleep poorly, it is difficult for you to find a good balance in your life.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions

We are social beings yes or yes. And when one leads teams or works alone, it is inevitable to feel the need to share good moments, doubts, fears, joys … with close people.

Loneliness not consciously chosen hurts you.

Emotions connect us to one another or distance and isolate us. So take care of your relationships, be close. Recognizing your vulnerability helps you to be closer to the people around you, try whole flower cbd device.

Accept what you are and there is at this moment in your life

Acceptance is key to opening yourself up to new possibilities. Look at everything in your life right now with curiosity, wanting to learn about what is happening to you.

What happens to you today in your life is the result, to a large extent, of your past choices. If you resist, the situation will persist over time.

What you accept frees you and gives way to new options

Acceptance is something like opening the dam to let the excess water go. You don’t need it anymore. If you keep storing it, the overflow will come.

Not everything that happens in your life you can control. There are things that may be beyond your understanding. Accept this too.

Take time to discover your intentions, your vision, your passions and your talents

When you live with meaning, connected to what you care deeply about, it is easier to make decisions and choose the path.

If you know what your goals are, your daily actions can align them and make them contribute to achieving them.

It is essential that your daily tasks are in coherence with your wishes, that gives you peace of mind and therefore balance.

Think about these questions and write the answer in a notebook: What kind of life do you want for yourself? What would your ideal week be like if you had all the money you need and more? What would you spend your time on?