Throughout this pandemic, many have lost their jobs, changed jobs, or are waiting for their jobs to return. The majority have felt a financial impact.

As you return to work, look for work, or seek different work, I want to share some ideas to help you make a positive impact in your career and those you work with.

The first thing to remember is you must bring your skills to the marketplace not your needs. Too often, individuals want to share their needs first.

Instead of seeking a raise or better hours based on your needs (i.e., I need a new car. My rent just went up. We have a baby on the way) bring your skills to the forefront (i.e., I’ve completed an online course and am now certified. I can take on these new responsibilities.) The marketplace isn’t concerned with your needs. The marketplace does respect your new and improved skills.

When you think about any industry, the fastest way to recognition, a raise and/or promotion is to make your supervisor’s job easier. When you begin to take on tasks that your supervisor previously handled, you will be recognized. When you move from a “problem identifier” to a “problem solver” you begin to create opportunities instead of waiting on them.

When you become aware of a problem instead of just informing your supervisor (adding more to his/her plate) bring along a couple of potential solutions identifying the pros and cons of each and offer to solve the problem.

It’s when you can demonstrate your supervisory and leadership skills first, that those positions begin to present themselves.  

Another way to expedite your value, recognition, and growth in a company is to focus on helping those around you to excel. When you can shift your focus from “me” to “we” you become a valuable team player instead of a recognized solo act. While there are times being known as the best in the office or on your team will give you temporary gratification, it is helping the team win and the organization prosper that brings about long-term success.

Giving does start the receiving process. The more you help to become successful the more people will be trying to do the same for you. Trying to make it on your own, trying to stand out from your co-workers, makes long-term success less likely and less gratifying. When you are helping a team and they are helping you, the gratification and celebration of success is more enjoyable with a group than by yourself.

When you shift your focus from helping yourself to helping others everyone wins – especially you! Even if someone else gets a promotion over you; even if you don’t receive the public recognition; the individual will know your contributions to his/her success. Others will be noticing too. All you must do is look around. You can already identify those that are seeking their own rewards and those who are trying to help others. You know how the employees view both.

So how do you shift from focusing on your own success to helping others succeed? Starting today, ask yourself each morning, “Who can I help today?” As you think about those you are going to meet and interact with, plan to see how you can make a positive impact on them as individuals. When you are presented with problems, view each problem as an opportunity for you to show case your skills and abilities. Keep in mind, there are generally more than one solution to a problem. Look for multiple solutions so you can present the pros and cons for each solution along with your recommendations on how to proceed.

Be sure to give recognition and praise regularly and often. Nothing makes people want to work with you and for you more than giving them credit in public. When things go astray as they sometimes do, be sure to accept responsibility for the outcome. Even if it’s not your fault. Taking responsibility publicly gives your co-workers confidence to continue trying new things without fear of being ridiculed or disciplined.

Finally, as you are helping others, including your supervisor, never keep score! When you try to keep track of how often you give in comparison to how often you receive, you will defeat the purpose of giving. You must give without expectation.

You will discover the blessings you receive, the accolades bestowed upon you, will likely come from completely different sources. If you only give to receive, it’s likely you will never give to those that need because they may never be in a position to help you.  

Keep in mind, as you give to those that will not be able to give back to you, doors will open with others giving to you that you will never be able to repay.

You must use a farmer’s mindset when it comes to helping those around you. A farmer knows when he plants seeds that not all of them will grow. This doesn’t stop him from planting. He knows the more he plants, the better odds he has of a big harvest. You must do the same.

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“One can go faster but a team can go farther.”

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Published by Bryan M. Balch, Results Coach

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