5 Practical But Effective Changes You Can Make To Break The Monotony.

Are you in a rut right now?

We all get in a rut at some time or another.

It’s important to recognize that these times in life will come and go. Some say rut stands for “repetitive unproductive trap” and instead of letting them get you down you can attack a rut head on. It tends to just be the matter of breaking out of monotonous habits and being open to change. Change is scary but you need to embrace it so you don’t just end up going on autopilot and that short rut turns into weeks and months. The secret is to start small and then build from there.

Here are 5 small, helpful, and practical changes you can start making to help begin to get yourself out of that rut.

1. Park In A Different Spot At Work Or When You Go Out

If you’re like me, and most people actually, I’m pretty sure you park in pretty much the same spot or area each week. We’re creatures of habit and we like to settle into a routine. Instead of this find a completely different area to park in. This creates a new stimulus each day that helps break you out of repetition and that day in day out rut feeling.

Bonus point: if it’s doable, bike or walk to work to add in some exercise, help the environment and create a nice change in your day

2. Go To The Gym Or Work Out At A Different Time Of Day

Consistency and discipline are great but if you go to the gym the same time each day you might just be going through the motions. To break out of a rut try going early in the morning. It sets up your energy for the day and will help you function and perform better. Gyms have a different dynamic and feel at different points in the day and you can pick up on that energy. You will also see different faces and get the feeling of a new environment.

3. Change Your Phone Lock Screen and Wallpaper

You’re going to be looking at your phone multiple times through the day and a simple thing like your background probably doesn’t even hold your attention anymore. Changing it to a positive image, or of someone you care about, can be that small thing that gets your attention and makes it less of an automatic moment. A motivational quote can also be great to see to stop going through the motions and capture your attention for a few short moments.

4. Change What You Have For Breakfast Each Day

If you eat the same thing morning after morning the preparation of it may have you feeling like a robot. This is a good time to switch things up and introduce some new foods into your diet. It’s just about creating change in the day to help get you out of a funk. Taking the time to learn how to put a new meal together with some ingredients you don’t normally experience can lend a hand in doing that. And starting the day on a different dynamic can carry over to the rest of your day.

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5. Say Yes To More Things

This may be difficult for you to do but can be one of the most important to break the patterns of what you normally do. Allow yourself to say yes to more opportunities that come up, as long as they are not life threatening!

So be smart but whatever it might be, go for it! invited to a movie or play you normally might steer clear of? Go for it. It could be a visit to an art gallery or exhibition you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole but you’ll open yourself up to a new experience. You might not love it but the main thing is it gets you out of that rut and back on track.

Create more experiences when you’re in a rut and make the most of them. You may find yourself starting to embrace them more and you will be adding in some engagement and stimulus into your life.

This way when the next rut may pop up you’ll know just how to deal with it.

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  • Jamie Logie

    Jamie Logie is a personal trainer, health coach, Amazon #1 best-selling author, podcaster and creator of: www.regainedwellness.com

    Jamie Logie is a personal trainer, nutritionist and health and wellness coach. He runs a blog and podcast called www.regainedwellness.com and has worked in gyms in Canada, England, Australia and The United States. He is a contributing writer on health and fitness for places like The Huffington Post, askmen.com, LifeHack and MindBodyGreen among some others and has an Amazon #1 book out called Taking Back Your Health. He likes long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach and the movie 'Beaches'.