Simple Ways You Can Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is a disease that impacts millions of families all around the world. Every year, there are around 2 million new cases diagnosed, so it’s very important to bring more attention to this dangerous disease. If you want to become an active fighter against breast cancer, here are some of the things you can do to help people understand breast cancer.

Get educated

In order to become a good educator on breast cancer, you first need to get acquainted with facts yourself. Gather some statistics on cancer, learn what are the symptoms of the disease in women and men and check out the best preventive measures.

Get educated

You can also check out ways you can support survivors. There are plenty of amazing websites as well as books on breast cancer and cancer in general that will provide you with all sorts of useful information you can pass on to other people.

Try fundraising

Raising money for any cancer research organization is one of the best things you can do for people, both those suffering from cancer and those who are healthy. Find an organization you like and see whether they have a fundraising service you can give your money to. Additionally, you can also try crowdfunding to help someone suffering from breast cancer or use the money to honor the memory of someone who lost their battle with this disease. Aside from crowdfunding, you can also join a breast cancer walk or run and ask people to sponsor you.


If you have some money to spare and want to help a worthy cause, please do. Your donation can be aimed towards research facilities and breast cancer sufferers or given to families of victims. There are so many amazing charities that have generous people like you to thank for their ability to continue helping women and men all over the world.


If you know there’s a good organization in your city, make sure to volunteer your time and join their cause in helping women and men prevent and fight breast cancer. They can surely use your talents no matter what they are. You can use your creativity to help create materials and use your time to help distribute them. Or you can help find a good promotional printing company that will provide you with everything from promo stickers to various edible promo treats! Make sure to pick the right printing company that will create quality and attractive materials people would love to own.

Use social media

Social media is a great place to spread awareness because you can reach a wide audience of different people for very little money. You can share texts, pictures and videos used to educate people or upload photos of your local charity and research facility. If there are any breast cancer events in your city, make sure to share their posts and invite people to attend. Retweet or post new research results, infographics and statistics on your page.

Contact organizations

Try to reach out to your office, school, church or any other organization and see whether they are willing to help you spread breast cancer awareness by adding articles and events to their newsletters and social media. You’ll be surprised how many organizations are willing to help you on your mission.

Share your experiences

If you had any sort of experience with breast cancer, don’t hesitate to share it with others, no matter if you’re a survivor or if you know anyone who is or was affected with the disease.


Grab your computer and type out your story so people can read and share it. Some larger organizations and campaigns also accept submissions if you’re willing to share your story on a larger scale.

Wear a pink ribbon

You can buy a bunch of pink ribbons and encourage your friends and family to wear them. Make sure to set time aside for people who are curious about the reasons why we wear pink ribbons—that’s the best way to spread awareness. You can also invest your money towards other products like T-shirts, hats or mugs with pink ribbons on them. Most of the companies that sell these products donate all or most of the sale money to organizations and cancer research facilities.

Encourage loved ones to get checked

Explain the exact importance of getting regular breast cancer scans to your friends and family. Remind them how much you love them and how much you want them to be healthy and happy. If they need your help, make sure to help them research good physicians and offer to accompany them to their screening. Pro tip: be very firm with females between 40 and 50—they are the most vulnerable group of people when it comes to breast cancer.

No matter which steps you decide to take to raise breast cancer awareness, you’re certainly doing the right thing and helping the cause. Even the smallest thing can help when you’re fighting for the right cause, so continue to educate people and you’ll touch many lives!