Nilofer Khan

Nilofer khan or simply Nilofer, is a hardworking, highly dedicated and ambitious women. Her past life was filled with struggles and obstacles that made her strong enough to tackle any problem. She says that she gets inspired from people who face any obstacles in their life with honesty and courage. Moreover, she says that she not only faces the obstacle but also likes to win over it.

       Nilofer is a social person. She loves the fact that she can interact, dance and sing with different types of people. While working in a communication world, she is concerned about the sinking radio industry. If we talk about Nilofer’s journey from a simple middle-class girl to a renowned icon in radio world it can be described to be a roller coaster ride. We know that struggle is a part of every successful person. But being self-confident all the time is difficult enough. This difficulty was never a problem for Nilofer because she loved her work and she understand herself well.

Apart from work life, Nilofer plans to visit exotic places alone and dreams to see her daughter touch the height of success. She feels that her intuitions, work and her daughter are her biggest strength. But her emotions weakens her up. All the way we can say that Nilofer’s success is prominently seen from the reward and the award that she got.

Apart from being successful, Nilofer is a kind human being. She wants the people of this society to be genuine, kind, generous and help people as much as possible. She is a girl filled with emotions, loyalty and believes in values and principles.  She says that she believes in Allah and humanity. She simply says that she had faced many challenges before and will still be facing them but will never give up.