Millions of women around the world are single mothers for a number of reasons. Some opt to raise children alone and that is their prerogative. However, there are some single mothers who are financially taxed and are emotionally overwhelmed. Every single mother does not have a nanny or lucrative assets. This is not a judgement zone where we will criticize why someone is a single mother. There are a gambit or reasons why.

My focus is to highlight that it takes a village to raise children and every parent need supports. There are many mothers who do not have another parent to assist and they have to carry the load alone. Every mother does not have family support. I was a single mother for about eight years and sometimes it got hard. I was fortunate to have a supportive family to help lighten the load but some days I still got overwhelmed. Yes, in many instances you opt to be a parent but by no means does that mean you do not get tired. Every human gets tired.

Some single mothers have some financial constraints as some may not get the financial support from the other parent. Those are just realities. It is not my job or business to say why they don’t. Some just don’t. In those instances it can be a bit much at times. It can be a lot emotionally. No mother wants to struggle to make ends meet but sometimes that happens. There are many single mothers who just don’t have the education or access to resources like other people have which makes it more challenging.

I know there are many institutions or organizations who make accommodations and provide resources to assist single mothers who are trying to secure a better future for themselves and their children. I believe when the mom excels the children will excel. I was watching the movie Good Deeds by Tyler Perry and the leading character was a single mom who fell on hard times. She was educated had a lucrative job at one point then life happened. The single mom in this movie did not have any child care and she worked at night. That was the only schedule she could get. The single mom took her child to work with her. The owner learned what was going on and he had compassion for her. So, the owner extended the hours of the daycare in the company to night hours so this single mother could work and have her child in a safe place.

I believe we should be compassionate and help those who may have needs. I believe many single moms need support and they deserve it like any other human being. My mom Dorothy M. Whitmire was a teen mom and a single mother the majority of her life. My mom did her absolute best raising my siblings and I. I have the value systems I do today because of my mom. My mom was giant to me. She was so compassionate, wise, and giving. My mom was so wise and she empowered everyone she talked to. That was her gift. My mom suddenly passed May 13, 2020 and in the spirit of my mother I want to honor and help single moms who are pursuing an education in an attempt to make a better life for themselves and their children. The Dorothy M. Whitmire Global Memorial Scholarship Fund is my small way of providing financial assistance to a single mom chasing her educational dreams.