Twenty-seven percent of U.S. adults have trouble falling or staying asleep, according to a recent study conducted by Consumer Reports, and 68 percent have trouble sleeping at least once a week. This is not surprising when considering the stress people endure with both work and family life. Still, there are ways people can ensure a better night’s sleep by tweaking a few aspects of their lives. Following are a few of these sleep-inducing tips.

Maintain Same Sleeping Schedule

A regular bedtime and waking schedule will help folks keep their minds and bodies in sync with respect to sleeping, which can better help them fall asleep, according to Coveteur. Individuals have circadian rhythms that dictate when their energy levels are up and down. And it’s best to go to bed when energy levels are declining.

Limit Daily Naps

Naps can be a great way to get a little rest, especially when folks are driving or need a little extra pep to get them through their workdays. But the National Sleep Foundation reports that too many naps, especially in the afternoon, can adversely affect a person’s ability to fall asleep at night.

Keep Room Cool

Recent research reveals that a cool room, especially around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, is more conducive for sleeping, according to Coveteur. So individuals can either set their thermostats lower at night or keep their bedroom windows open.

Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine can give people boosts in the morning but, at night, it can keep them wired-up when they don’t need it. Similarly, alcohol can help people sleep in some cases, but it can also interfere with sleep cycles, according to Help Guide.

Forget Family or Work Problems

Many people take their worries to bed with them at night. And instead of letting themselves relax and fall asleep, their thoughts keep them awake. Although it isn’t easy, it’s best to forget about work or family matters before going to bed as it makes it more difficult to get a restful sleep.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is a great way for people to keep their bodies fit and their hearts healthy. But it also helps them get a better night’s sleep. For one thing, exercise has a tendency to make people tired so they fall asleep faster. However, exercising too soon before bed can have the opposite effect.