It is a reality that for those who work at a desk, the workspace is essential. On average, an American spends more than 7 hours sitting in front of a computer. Because of this, maintaining a comfortable space that provides peace and above all allows you to concentrate is very important,

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Productivity in working hours will depend on the number of distractions we have around our desks. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable chair, a tiny space or deal with the computer equipment’s technical problems will make office time suffering. There is no better way to work than in a place where you feel comfortable.

That is why in this article, I will recommend six tips that will help you improve your workspace and your productivity.

Choose the right seat

We spend many hours in front of the computer, so it is essential to choose a good seat that allows us to be comfortable and work comfortably. We recommend selecting a chair with an adjustable seat so you can raise and lower the seat so you can stretch your legs. Don’t forget that the armrest is essential and the mobile backrest to have a better posture because the back is who represents the first pains to have a bad seat to work.

Adjust the computer light

Eye strain is something very common when spending long hours in front of the monitor. To avoid this, we recommend adjusting the computer’s colors and avoiding the famous blue light that does so much damage. Your screen should be as bright as the rest of your environment to prevent the saturation of light that you perceive. Respecting the color temperature, we recommend you adjust the computer screen colors as it emits a lot of blue wavelengths, which may be fine during the day, but during the night can be pretty exhausting. Many monitors can adjust the light to ambient mode, we recommend selecting this option, and you will see that it will be much better to work, and watery eyes and headache will go away.

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Choose the ideal keyboard

If you work on a laptop, we recommend you to buy a support that will help you adjust the height of the screen, and you can move the keyboard away from you and the distance from the keyboard. If you have a desktop computer, the recommendation is the same, move the keyboard away from you to avoid tension in your wrists and if they are more relaxed. If you can get a wireless mouse, it will add more flexibility and comfort to your workspace.

Choose good lighting 

Using very bright lights in rooms is usually not the best option as it gives an icy feeling. Lower lighting makes rooms cozier spaces, so choose yellow lights. Artificial or natural light can be very harsh at certain times of the day, so we recommend keeping a dim light at all times and adding some curtains to help diffuse the light.

Keep order in your space

You must know everything you have around you, keep your objects and work tools close to you to avoid wasting time if you misplace something. We are not saying that you have to keep everything impeccably since studies show that messy places help creativity. Regarding the position of your desk, it is advisable to be near the window for good lighting and occasionally enjoy a good view,

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Control notifications

We know that technological tools are our greatest ally at work. However, if we do not learn to organize ourselves, tools such as cell phones and social networks can become distractors, keep away from you the cell phone, and stipulate some hours to check notifications.

In conclusion, it is unnecessary to have the best equipment to work if not maintaining a good organization in your space to stay focused. Get up from your chair for a few moments to stretch and clear your mind and then get back to work, these moments will help you to stay motivated, follow these tips to the letter, and your productivity at work will improve.