If you read to increase your attention span, improve your cultural heritage, vocabulary, spelling and your ability to understand; you can have a better quality of life because it will improve your health.  Reading not only exercises our memory and perception of codes and symbols, but it also strengthens communication with what we like and produces pleasure, with emotions and memory.

This exercise leads the person to relax, forget their reality and create their own world based on reading like Indy Psychic Reading. Who is able to abstract in this way through a book, will manage to get rid of real problems at times, which will take away the stress of his life. All these aspects will lead the reader to better control their feelings and manage pressure and stress, makes them analytical and understanding in many situations in which they can explode and behave aggressively or sullenly.

Recent studies show that reading is one of the most beneficial activities for health, since it has been shown to stimulate brain activity and strengthen neuronal connections. Many have been the benefits listed by the aforementioned research that implies the habit of reading for our brain, among which we have highlighted the following:

1. Reduce stress level:

Reading, especially fiction stories can help reduce the level of stress, which is the origin or worsening factor of many neurological ailments such as headache, epilepsy or sleep disorders. Research showed that reading was the most effective way to overcome stress, above the usual favorites such as listening to music, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, and even taking a walk. Really on a complicated day, escaping through a novel helps totally disconnect.

2. Help to fall asleep:

Reading a little before going to sleep can help develop good sleep hygiene routines (unless we are at a very interesting point in the book, which in this case sometimes makes us go to sleep later). It is usually very useful for sleeping, even if it happens later to reread the same page several times to regain the thread of the story.

3. Increase mental agility:

Reading increases the ability to concentrate, promotes empathy, favors neuronal connections and, if it is a frequent habit, it is a useful exercise to prevent the loss of cognitive functions associated with age. The older, therefore, the greater interest in promoting the habit of reading to avoid the stress caused by the deficiencies associated with the aging of the active population.

4. Promotes social relations:

According to experts, reading can also generate conversation topics, which facilitates interaction and social relationships. Being aware of the latest research or the fashion novel, can help favor the feeling of relevance to a group.

5. Develop analytical thinking:

Thanks to reading, ideas are ordered, concepts are interrelated and memory is exercised. In addition, the more knowledge one acquires based on reading, the better prepared he is to face any challenge.

6. Generates peace of mind:

In addition to the relaxation that accompanies the reading of a good book, it is possible that the theme on which it is being read may bring immense inner peace and tranquility. Reading spiritual texts helps lower blood pressure and cause an immense sense of calm.

Taking into account the ubiquity that new technologies allow for reading, today there is no excuse for not finding the right moment. From the traditional book to the eBook, to the tablet or even the mobile phone, they are perfect tools to read and that it is not worth wasting seen its beneficial effects.