Written by Shea Morrison, Co-Founder of The Goodnight Co.

With the changes to our day time routines in the current time, it is really important to stick to consistent bedtime routines to encourage good deep sleep. Children need routine more than ever during uncertain and unpredictable times. Navigating the new norm for the past few weeks has certainly been interesting.

I don’t know about you but I certainly didn’t sign up for running two businesses from home and homeschooling.  The answer to chaos is routine, and finding a new routine is something we have been navigating in our household. Calling a family meeting and discussing the changes can be a good place to start, along with initiating a family morning chat. 

A family morning huddle can be a really nice way to check in on how everyone is feeling.  Discussing what the plans are for the day, setting guidelines and expectations for the children as well as communicating and meetings / zoom calls for the adults.  You might even like to write down your new schedule and put it on the fridge or a white board.

Ours looks something like this:

Because we need order.

We need to know what to do with ourselves with all this new unstructured time, even if it’s mainly kids while parents work from home. We need a way to constructively fill the many, many hours we will now be with our children. And if having a schedule brings you peace of mind and keeps your kids appropriately engaged, then do it! Maybe you don’t even have a choice because you know your children only thrive from routine. I suggest writing it down on paper/whiteboard – it needs to be visible to everyone.  For younger children you can even look at incorporating a reward chart for sticking to the routine – maybe use stickers and a reward at the end of the week.

Maintain as much normality in the house and daily life as you can,

and include family time. Sticking to consistent wake / bedtimes are really important and making sure your child is getting the recommended hours for their age

Encouraging your child to create a simple bedtime routine is a great place to start,

letting them have ownership of it and including activities that they like doing. For example, you could dim the lights in their bedroom and light a candle, dab some essential oils (lavender/night time blend) on their pulse points, do a mindfulness exercise, or play a 3 – 5 minute guided meditation. Also try to reduce screentime as much as possible, especially in the evenings. Developing a consistent bedtime routine in little ones will definitely help to foster good habits as they get older. 

Our routine and rules are a work in progress.

During the first family meeting post lockdown, we agreed to have meetings weekly and check in on how everyone is going. We are paying attention to the structure and if it is indeed working and we also understand that this may need to change along the way depending on how long we are in this situation.

I do feel that when our long situation of COVID-19 does lift and ‘normal’ life resumes, what we’ve learned can hopefully shape a life that has a little more breathing room than before. 

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  • Shea Morrison


    The Goodnight Co.

    Shea Morrison has worked in health & wellness for a while now. After a career in Media, Radio & Marketing in Brisbane, Shea became a Mum and her focus changed as she realised the importance of meaningful rest and connection. In 2014, Shea joined forces with friend, Mum and now business partner, Danielle Knight to create The Goodnight Co., a meaningful platform to help people fall back in love with sleep and prioritise meaningful rest. At the time, Shea & Danielle were sleep deprived Mums after just having had their youngest children. Launching with Silk Pillowcases & Silk Sleep Masks, the pair then spent the next five years researching and surveying hundreds of people about their sleep problems, gradually developing many more lines of products to help our customers build sleep rituals to solve these problems. Fast forward five years, millions of research papers and thousands of podcasts, Shea's passion continues to lie in sharing how better sleep can help everyone improve their day-to-day lives.
    With sleep problems still on the rise, Shea & Danielle were constantly being asked for more information on how to help people re-discover quality sleep. As a result, The Goodnight Co.'s first Sleep Retreats and Sleep Workshops launched in 2019. The Retreat & Workshops allow personalised help for those struggling with disrupted sleep patterns and provide a mixture of education and relaxation, science and deep sleep, meditation and mindfulness.
    For our Retreats, Shea & Danielle found the perfect location at Springfield Farm in the Southern Highlands of Bowral; a beautiful location with lots of space to connect with nature, fresh air, nourishing food and a space to support our guests, who could walk away feeling equiped with the tools to re-build their sleep rituals. For our business focused Workshops, Shea & Danielle have been able to connect with workplace professionals and provide tailored industry specific advice on how sleep can be impacting employees and what management and staff can do to improve this area of their health, and productivity.
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