The modern day lifestyle of -massive coffee intake, black mirrors like laptop, television, mobile screens past midnight, too much anxiety, are no friend to sleep. Sleep is the best supplement to lowering your adrenal -stress hormones. Reduce stress by sleeping in..and increasing immunity. Staying away from coffee after midday and alcohol completely will give you both the deep and dream sleep to enhance your life.

We humans are solar powered. Exposing ourselves to natural daylight will reduce the melatonin during the day and rise with the setting sun. With the shutdown you could give importance to your sleep to unleash its power. No travels, early morning meetings, no schools, stress of waking up has reduced tremendously. No cocktail parties and meetings to attend to going to sleep early has never been easier. Enjoying a beautiful night under the moon and stars and observing the beautiful night sky to call upon the sleep energy is so simple. We have one biological clock just like our planet earth.


Sleep is the best healer that Mother Nature has blessed us to get into a state of relaxation and reduction in your stress hormones. When the body is enjoying a beautiful night sleep and not constantly going through flight and fight mode it’s working on building itself and being more resilient.

HOW SLEEP ASSISTS IN CURING PROCESS? When you come down with fever, weakness ensues, appetite is lost, there is no desire to eat, move or engage in any activities. The only demand body is REST (SLEEP). When you sleep your immune system is activated and it is working on throwing out the invading causative factor. Sleep to heal mentally. Sleep to heal physically. Sleep to heal spiritually. Why wait to become sick and go through adverse effects of sleep deprivation. Make sleep your friend and improve your resilience and lower your stress hormones and improve your immunity.

REPAIR : Sleep is an active process metabolically not a passive process. When you sleep it energizes those organs which are working constantly when the body goes through various stressors. Take an example of your liver. It is constantly breaking down and metabolizing. During the day, intake of food, medicines and even mental stress puts the liver under undue pressure. Sleep gives it the repair and recuperation for the following day to again work at its optimum. Your brain, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, intestines and various other organs need this recuperating period. Once the repair work is complete then cleaning and energizing can powerfully. When you sleep toxins are being thrown out and the body is boosting its immune response. Switching off is the best way to recharge and wake up with a clean slate.

Quoting from this wonderful book, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF YOGI-“The rejuvenating effects of sleep are due to man’s unawareness of body and breathing. Each night he unconsciously performs yogic rite of releasing himself from bodily identification and of merging the life force with healing currents in the main brain regions and six sub dynamics of his spinal centers. The sleeper thus dips unknowingly into the reservoir of cosmic energy which sustains all life.”

SLEEP TO THRIVE -Sleep to function with optimum health so that all the viruses and bacteria that are not serving you good run far far away from you. Sleep is like a lion -one roar and everyone is scared. Initially my thought process was there are 4 pillars to health-food, exercise , sleep and counseling(mindfulness practices, breath works). I started noticing as my patients started sleeping well they started healing faster. Sleep is like this magical pill that takes care of all ills. One night of bad sleep increases chemicals like cytokines that hamper your immune system. A great night of sleep recharges you mentally, physically and spiritually. When you have slept well your relationships improve because you are in a good mood. Cycle of Sleeping well leads to good mood–happy relationship-happy hormones and ultimately great immunity. Health is simple only if we allow it to happen. Health is not just removal of diseases but how our body helps us thrive. Build a beautiful relationship with your sleep and your body!!