When it comes to your lifestyle, it can be all too easy to fall into patterns, decisions and routines purely out of habit. While this is incredibly common, it can also make your life feel stale, unenticing and lackluster. You may need to rethink your lifestyle and give it a jumpstart. To shake things up, you need to make some intentional changes. Here are six small, easy behavioral changes that can be game-changers for any bored, tired routine.

Incorporate the Right Supplements

If your energy levels, life and routine need a boost, introducing the right combination of health supplements can make a massive difference. Whether you feel lethargic or recently realized that there are deficits in their diets, a health supplement may be what you are missing. Start by assessing your body’s current level of functioning and then investigate your options. Understanding everything from what options are available to side effects like thrive side effects can help you find your best fit. Finding and incorporating the right combination can vastly change how you approach each day and how you feel about it.

Have Your First Drink of the Day Be Water Instead of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most important substances of many adults’ days. With a reliance on caffeine to get going, many people step into every day feeling a little groggy. While caffeine will certainly give you a boost of energy, this is often short-lived. Instead, kick off your day with a cold glass of water. Not only can this help you rehydrate after a long night, but it can also help you feel more alert. For those who start their day off with caffeine, you don’t need to cut this out completely, just rethink when you consume your coffee.

Swap Your Soda for Natural Alternatives

Soda is a burst of sugar that can leave you feeling energized, but this can cause harm to your health long-term. If you want to improve your days, swap your sodas for natural alternatives. Whether you choose freshly pressed juice, a smoothie, sparkling water or other naturally derived drinks, the most important part is cutting out high contents of artificial ingredients and sugar. This can make a world of difference on your brain, teeth, digestive system and mood.

Put Down Your Phone

Today, many people find themselves spending endless hours connected to the digital world. This is a part of your routine where you can make a significant improvement. Whether you opt to spend time outside instead of scrolling through social media, put your phone down to connect with nature or connect with loved ones without the distraction of screens, making a conscious effort to disconnect from the digital world can yield incredible benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Learn to Breathe Deeply

Breathing is essential, but not many people realize its powerful presence in their life. Breathing exercises can be used to improve performance, calm nerves and release tension. By learning to control your breath and improve your mindfulness while breathing, you can reap immense benefits. While you need to breathe to survive, doing so with intention and care can help you jumpstart your system and improve your life.

Set Boundaries

While everyone has boundaries that they employ throughout their day, not everyone has well-established boundaries or healthy relationships with boundaries. If your life is lacking balance, it may be because you need personal boundaries. Boundary setting can be a powerful tool. Not only can it help you achieve better balance, but it can help build healthier, more fulfilling and richer relationships. Boundaries help you ensure that your needs are met and keep you from letting your cup run dry.

Changing your lifestyle does not need to entail a massive overhaul of everything that you do. If you need to kickstart your routine and lifestyle, you can start with these six small steps. Shake things up with these tips so that you can make changes one day at a time that can lead to a happier and more satisfied you.