When it comes to setting and achieving your well-being goals, staying committed is all about the Microsteps you take every day. And so often, those steps come down to tiny micro-moments of preparation, like chopping vegetables before going to work, laying out your workout clothes on your nightstand the evening before a workout, or even leaving reminder notes for yourself on your mirror. It’s these moments that set you up for success and keep you motivated when things get hard. 

We asked our Thrive community to share the ways they use moments of preparation to reach their own well-being goals. Their too-small-to-fail solutions can help you achieve yours, too. 

Set mini deadlines instead of reminders

“Before a deadline, I’ll set a few mini deadlines and map out a few things I hope to accomplish in each time frame. This always works —  I leave space for the unexpected, and often finish earlier than expected.” 

—Loreta Pivoriunaite, performance strategist, Lithuania

Motivate yourself with a mantra

“The most important goal I have is meditating for 15 minutes every morning. My micro-preparation all happens the night before, so I can meditate as soon as I wake up. I set my alarm earlier than I plan to actually get up, so that way I can sneak in five or 10 more minutes of sleep. I also lay out my meditation cushion and pour myself a pint of water in case I feel thirsty when I wake. Then there is the note by my alarm: ‘Great things happen to those who meditate.’ This stuff works! I never miss a meditation, and it always leaves me feeling inspired.” 

—Jack Childs, spiritual business coach, Oxford, England, U.K.

Check in with your accountability partner

“Every weekday, I start the day with my two accountability partners. We take five minutes to commit to three things we will do throughout the day that will help us make a difference in our lives. The next morning, we report on how we did. This practice makes a huge difference in my routine because it starts my day with sunshine and pushes me to focus on the things I care about most.”

—Bridget Fonger, author and podcaster, Los Angeles, CA

Keep visual reminders

“I schedule my workouts a week in advance and prep my gym gear the night before, so everything is ready to go in the morning. If I am going to be out at meetings all day, I always carry a water bottle and prepare snacks or lunch that travels well. On Sunday nights, I prepare a to-do list for the week that covers both work and my personal life. I love being able to tick things off as I go — it creates a visual reminder of what I have achieved during the week.”

—Katie Dyer, wellness coach, London, U.K.

Pack travel kits 

“When I travel, I pack a kit that contains ear plugs, lavender oil, my favorite pajamas, and a clip I use to completely close the curtains in my hotel room. I also download a white noise app on my phone.” 

—Natalie Johnson, health and well-being consultant, Sarasota, FL 

Get the day’s necessities ready the night before

“I prepare my children’s lunches the night before, leaving only what needs to be heated or cooked for the morning. I always have my clothes ready before bed, so there is no need to think about it or search for an outfit. On days that I plan to go for a morning run, I have workout clothes out and ready, too.”

—Selena Caputo, designer, Ontario, Canada

Slow down your mornings

“I’ve become incredibly intentional about slowing my mornings down by drinking a cup of tea, packing lunches for my daughters, and writing in my gratitude journal. This approach forces me to slow down and conserve energy for when it matters most: being present for my family.”

—Tricia Sciortino, CEO, Atlanta, GA

Use Sundays for scheduling 

“Every Sunday, I make my weekly to-do list with three columns: professional, personal, and passions. This helps find balance with my have-to-do work tasks and personal responsibilities, while making my want-to-do passion projects an equal priority. I break big tasks down into smaller steps and then plot each task into my Google calendar for that week.”

—Colleen Georges, coach and author, Piscataway, NJ

Devise a meal prep strategy

“My motto is you either fail to plan or plan to fail. This is especially true when it comes to meal preparation. Feeding healthy meals to a family of four becomes a breeze when you have a meal prep strategy in place. Here’s mine: Plan dinners for the week Friday night, go food shopping on Saturday, and meal prep on Sunday. And enjoy a stress-free week!”

—Allison Jackson, fitness and nutrition coach, Mahwah, NJ

Start the day with a moment of mindfulness

“Following three simple steps early in the morning allows me to feel empowered to achieve my goals. First, I open my window to observe the beauty of nature and express gratitude for it. Then I make my bed. Last but not least, I meditate or pray for at least five minutes. This small routine helps me feel ready to tackle the new day’s challenges with optimism.”

—Hind Adj, social finance expert, London, U.K.

Do you have your own tip for creating moments of preparation throughout your day? Share it with us in the comments below!

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