There is something that distinguishes standard freelance writers  from smart freelance writers. This involves thinking. Thinking has become the natural day-to-day process of solving problems and getting on with life. In freelance writing, thinking is the crucial and the most pivotal part in writing job that you will do. However thinking is still complicated as it seems evenly used every day. There are many things that involve thinking and so with smart thinking.

The greatest endeavour of every freelance writer is thinking smart. If freelance writers merely think then they are just mediocre; that is what everybody does – think. Freelance writers must think smartly. Their ideas must be impeccable and above reproach in order to create outstanding write-ups. If freelance writers do not think smart then they will be left behind from the competition. 

Wits are important in gathering information for your writing a case study and other writing jobs. However, do freelance writers know how to think smart before getting their pens? Here are some tips of thinking smartly for your writing jobs before getting it started:

• Know how to work out and express your ideas
Some freelance writers accept projects even with just a little idea what the subject is all about. The result is mediocre write ups. Knowing how to work out and express ideas entails that you must also know what you want to talk about. Freelance writing is not just all about getting paid; it is writing with excellence and passion. 

• Plan your communications
Plan your communications so that you can be clearly understood. Different writing jobs have different ways of establishing and maintaining communications. The only goal in communications is sending the right message across to your readers. 

• Important topics must be covered
The subject matter for every writing job is broad. You have to specify the points that you want to focus. Every writing job specifies a maximum number of words that you must comply. Thus you cannot expect to write everything for a single article. Be sure that even with the limited number of words, you can still cover the important points of your subject. 

• Structure a framework of facts and evidences
It is essential that freelance writers must write sufficient proofs and evidences to their ideas and arguments. It is not enough that you rely only on the things that you know about. References can add to the strength of your write ups.

In conclusion, thinking smart is thinking critically. As a freelance writer, critical thinking is necessary to create pluralistic points of views for your article before arriving at a critical conclusion.