In an effort to survive in an otherwise unpredictable and pandemic-stricken world, we concoct an image of ourselves in our head that we accept and comfortably pursue every day. This predictability makes it easier for us to get through our days and compartmentalize ourselves, especially during one of the most uncertain times ever in human history.

The problem is that we were never meant to go on autopilot in this way: we are ever-changing, versatile beings that need to be able to explore our inner genius and creativity at a moment’s notice.

Embracing Self-Discovery Again

This kind of self-discovery is not welcomed or accepted in society today. We are thrust through school and into 9-to-5 jobs that do anything but fulfill us. We think it’s worth it to collect a paycheck if it means we have some kind of stability and are able to pay our bills. While we slip into the mundane reality of existence today, we let go of our spirituality and the compass within our soul and subconscious mind that is ready to steer right to where we’d be happiest. We sacrifice being ourselves for survival.

The problem is that this sacrifice creates unhappiness, unfulfillment, anxiety, depression, and a lack of motivation. It makes it hard to wake up every day and take on the world, because we are taking on a world, we were never meant to take on in the first place. We are accepting second-best for ourselves and forgetting what our true purpose was always meant to be.

Vivienne Posch found her true purpose years ago when she made a scary decision to hop on a plane and attend a business and personal-development-training. Vivienne had no idea what she was doing, as she sat on a plane to America heavily pregnant. But after engaging with her first mentor, Vivienne knew it was divine that she attended this leadership-training. She had discovered that she wanted to become a mentor and entrepreneurial coach for people around the world.

Although she had completed extensive seamstress education, she didn’t care. She had found what made her utterly and unequivocally happy, and she was not going to let that go.

Thinking Into Results

That’s why today, Vivienne is facilitating the Thinking Into Results program, which helps people to express their potential more fully and live an abundant life in all areas. The program goes deeper on a subconscious level to help you make real changes, forgo empty promises, and wake you up to a life that is actually exciting to live every day. After starting her journey in 2016, she had a revenue increase of 744.06%. Even better, she was able to bring Bob Proctor to Vienna, Austria twice for speaking engagements. Many people had tried for years to get him to Austria; yet failed every time. Diving into her manifestation practices, she was able to secure Bob for eager listeners, and hopes to do so again for future events.

All of this became possible when she uncovered her true purpose and embraced it fully. We can’t fight our destiny, buried in our souls. Vivienne wants you to live and work in a prosperous environment, creating a life of abundance that God or however you may want to call this higher power always intended for you and that you were meant to live.


  • Aimee Tariq

    #1 Best Selling Author In Optimizing Health

    Aimee Tariq currently lives in Florida with her MANY pets. At the age of 23 she became a #1 Best Selling Author For Health Optimization. She has been interviewed in many publications such as USA Today, Huffington Post, Forbes, INC etc. Aimee is most passionate about empowering professionals to live their best lives by removing toxic triggers and maximizing energy, focus, and productivity. Health is more than what you look like and how you eat. Health is also the fundamental block of your career and life.