Everyone is ready for a better mood – no argument.

Here’s an easy effective way to tame your high cortisol level – with aromatherapy. Try my quick fix to improve your well-being.

It’ll give you a reprieve from the prolonged stress levels that permeate our lives now.

As a wellness educator, coach, and mentor this solution is on my short list to regain calm and activate a better mood. You can do this with essential oils because they help improve and balance you both emotionally and physically.

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By the way: I do not represent any aromatherapy company. There’s several large international MLM pushy aroma companies and I don’t want you to think that I’m involved. Because some inferior salespeople peddle their stuff on social media…in this ‘gig economy’.

Please continue…

How Do You Relate To Your Stress?

Are you able to feel when you’re stressed? Not a silly question because many people are out of touch with themselves.
I know during certain times and days I can feel my cortisol level revving much too high.

In my case, it’s a sensitivity whereby I’m too jittery and it’s not the coffee. And it’s not lust. That’s a different pit in the stomach sensation.

Believe it or not I know of a lot of people who aren’t in touch with their body and don’t know they’re out of balance. Until they’re flat out sick, at the doctor’s, or hospital. Please don’t be one of them.

Cortisol Overload

An overload of stress can give a person symptoms such as excessive craving for junk food, nervous stomach, poor sleep, weight gain, headaches, sex drive takes a dive, mood swings, and too many other indications.

Stress Management Coach - Shirley Meerson, CHWC, CBT, CHT

Keep in mind that a higher cortisol levels aka the stress hormone is basically public enemy number one. When required, you need to get a grip on a technique to ease the cortisol level back into balance.

It’s all about stress management. And lifestyle changes.
Less stress allows you to function so much healthier and to make better decisions regularly. Unquestionably, you enjoy life more.

There are many natural holistic avenues to follow to get your equilibrium. In this article today, I talk about one of my favorite easy techniques.

My Aromatherapy Quick Fix

Start by choosing a fragrance. What is called a singular note.

One smell. Find a pure product.

There are many stores worldwide that carry these single notes that come in small bottles of about 15 ml.

What smell do you resonate to? Main categories for relaxation are floral, citrus, and woodsy/spicy.

Transdermal On the Hoku Point

Hoku Point: Shirley Meerson - Ageless Wellness Lifestyle Coach and Educator

We’re always told not to apply any pure essential oil directly onto our skin. Stay true to this but make one teeny tiny small revision.
You may use one or two drops only of an oil directly on to the top of your hand. Not more. Promise?

Location specific is near to the hoku point. That is the point in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that acupuncturists and shiatsu therapists use to treat headaches and is excellent for soothing and calming.

The hoku point is on the back of the hand in the webbing where the thumb and index finger meet. No need to be exact. Be in the general area.

Carefully drop or shake out one or two drops on to the top of your hand.

Now you can simply lift your hand to your face for a sniff.

And if you’re in bed at night it’s very easy to get a whiff. Inhale and smell your way to a better mood – relaxing and reducing your stress.

How Does It Work?

Aromatherapy is user-friendly because it is a natural therapeutic system assisting the body’s ability to balance, regulate, and heal itself.  Particularly, here we are addressing the excessive cortisol level.

Aromatherapy works down to the cellular level. The fragrance enters the blood stream by the olfactory receptors or transdermal and goes to the limbic system – the portion of our brain that controls memories.

Your brain will now release certain chemicals within your sympathetic nervous system to allow you to relax.

I have used aromatherapy successfully throughout my life. Personally, it has helped me with stress, happiness, menopause, as a room deodorizer, sensual encounters, and other circumstances.

What’s not to love?

Less Stress = More Peace and Balance

If you see me at the computer sniffing my hand – now you know why ?

By the way, there are aromatherapy small size rollers that are easy to use and pop in your purse or briefcase. These have aroma already blended with a base oil. You’ll have to shop around and experiment because I find some are good and others the quality doesn’t last long.

I’m off to get a sniff myself – yes right now.
Breathe and relax during your week!

Aromatherapy is one of my most favorite self-care tools – I would love to get you involved with using it.

This discussion today and the video (first in a series) only scratched the surface of the capabilities. You’ll find me using my quick fix many times during the day.

Written by Shirley Meerson

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After that we’ll set up systems using Aromatherapy to help your stress levels.

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