The sneaker reselling market has become big business. It has already reached $2 billion and is projected to reach an eye-popping $6 billion by 2025. That means there are plenty of opportunities to strike it rich in this popular niche. This is something young entrepreneur Ari Sarafyan identified very early on when he was just in his teens. Fast-forward to a few years later, and he has become a successful entrepreneur who now runs an online sneaker marketplace that is quickly becoming the go-to place to get a second chance at nabbing sneakers on the reselling market.

Ari got his start as a teen when he saw an opportunity to make some money selling information on sneaker drops. He saw that sneakers would sell out in mere minutes, leaving countless people out of luck to get the sneakers they wanted. He spent a great deal of time conducting research to find out when and where sneaker drops would occur. On top of that, he forged relationships with industry insiders who get him the inside scoop on when these drops would occur before they happened. Even though it would just be a few minutes notice, it was enough.

AK Chefs is a discord community Ari founded in 2017 that gave members to it access to tutorials, sneaker drop alerts, and store checkout bots. It wasn’t long before he got members to join his Discord server. Now, he employs dozens of teens and 20-somethings to help him manage the growing userbase.

Ari’s new major focus is a business called Motion. This is a new sneaker marketplace he founded that will help people who perhaps don’t want to be a part of a “cooking” group that is looking for the latest sneaker drops for reselling purposes. Motion is geared toward everyday people who just want to get a fresh pair of sneakers but are too busy with life or work to stay on top of drops that sell out in minutes. While still in its infancy, Motion is bound to become one of the go-to sneaker reselling marketplaces online.

Ari’s been working hard, sometimes 85 hours a week, to ensure both AK Chefs and Motion provide immense value for people and continue helping him go down the path of being a successful entrepreneur.

You can keep up with the latest from Ari by following his Instagram page. You can also find out more about AK Chefs and joining the community by going to the official website, as well as checking out the Twitter and Instagram pages for it. If you’re interested in the novel Motion marketplace, you can be one of the first to find out about what’s new by heading over to the website and following the Instagram page.

Ari is committed to providing the best information, along with the freshest and hottest sneakers, to stay a step ahead of the competition.