No, are you…

Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone?

Will you take the leap?

In my last two articles, I shared seven strategies that will build your career resilience. It is always important to learn and grow within your career and to watch for skills and opportunities that may be waiting for you. This will keep you relevant and active in leading and growing within your current career.

In today’s uncertain times, you need to be agile and to be willing to adapt as your career reacts to the market demands and affects what you may need to do to and prosper in your job. Use this time as an opportunity to learn new skills and processes that can help you be a leader and stay ahead of the curve. Zig while others are zagging and hiding under their desks hoping this pandemic will pass.

Career resilience strategies need to be an essential part of your weekly planning and practice so you will be ready for any new opportunities that may present themselves.  Make sure to list 1 or 2 strategies to carry out each day and try to do them first thing in the morning before you get distracted. It is critical to keep a warm and active network to allow for new opportunities to come to you which may lead to a pivot in your career. The pivot does not necessarily require leaving your present company; instead, your pivot may be inside the company. Your skill development and leadership may catch the eye of someone in upper-level management or another department who will want to offer you a new opportunity or challenge. You never know who is watching what you are doing that will lead to new opportunities.  

In addition to the seven strategies to build your career resilience, I want to share one more vital strategy which is always be ready to pivot. The pivot is a culmination of all your strategies, activities, and learning that allow you to see and hear about new opportunities and challenges in and outside of your company to grow your career and passion.  The opportunity comes from having a growth mindset and a positive attitude, so that no matter what is happening you can always be out in front learning and showing by example of how to keep your career fresh and creative during uncertain times. 

Don’t forget to use the strategy of self-care every day to help deal with stress of the unknown. Two times a day for 20 minutes goes a long way to keep your attitude positive and your mind strong.  Be active and schedule time for yourself – you deserve it.  I look forward to sharing with you soon more on building your resilience and making a successful pivot.


  • Mark Danaher

    Career, Life and Leadership Coach, Virtual Speaker and Trainer

    Careers by Design LLC

    Mark Danaher is a career/life/leadership coach and certified career counselor who helps leaders elevate their careers and life to one they will love.  He helps his clients make the best of tough situations so they can be their best professionally and personally.   Mark uses coaching along with his extensive career development knowledge and expertise to offer his clients a uniquely holistic approach to making career and life pivots.  He helps his clients manage burnout, stress, and anxiety, integrate balance into their lives so they can make a meaningful change in their lives. He uses a holistic narrative career approach to help people tell their stories and learn from their careers and life.  Mark completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Connecticut in Economics and History and went on to earn his Masters at the University of Connecticut in Counseling Psychology.   Mark was the President of the National Career Development Association in 2014-2015 and continues to volunteer for the organization.   He is certified as a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Career Counselor, Holistic Narrative Career Professional, Retirement Options Coach, 2 Young to Retire Coach, Job, and Career Development Coach, Job and Career Transition Coach, and a Certified Career Service Provider.  Mark is a Master Trainer for the Facilitating Career Development Certificate and School Career Development Advisor certificate is actively coaching training, and teaching throughout the year.  He is now a Master Practioner of the Energy Leadership Index which is a great assessment to understand how you use your energy in your everyday life and under stress.  It gives you a great insight into how you can improve your everyday interactions and connections with colleagues, employees, family, and beyond.