Ecommerce brands are associating themselves with charity and are building their strong reputation, creating a positive impression in the minds of customers. It elevates the brand as being socially conscious and accountable. Present day’s online shoppers, which comprise millennials believe in giving a helping hand for various social causes and are equally conscious about the social giving capabilities of the companies they buy their products from. According to statistics, majority of shoppers prefer shopping with those brands which are consciously taking a step ahead to work for the welfare of various causes they deem fit. The good news is that shoppers who have an inclination towards social causes don’t mind spending more if the seller is associated with some kind of charity work. There’s no question of complaining as they are aware that eventually the extra amount is going for a good cause they support.

Many online entities have introduced CSR in their business models and are contributing consistently towards various causes they associate themselves with. One fine example is that of Wanderer Cave which has taken up the cause of conserving the environment by donating a part of their revenues every month to different environmental conservation centers. They have a wide range of survival, tactical and prepping goods and supplies which consist of tools and gadgets, clothing and apparel, bags and packs, emergency kits and accessories. A percentage of each sale goes towards the welfare of the environment, which is one of the major cause of concern in present times looking at the drastic climate change the globe is experiencing.

One of Wanderer Cave’s team member informs that a company has to choose his cause wisely, and it should be in sync with the product it sells, or it might look off the track raising concerns. The power of charity if amalgamated with ecommerce can give wonderful results as seen in the case of Wanderer Cave as their revenues have increased to a large extent owing to the growing number of customers who support the same cause as theirs and are going that extra mile by purchasing their product, the proceeds of which will go for a cause they support and believe in.