Renowned social media influencer and a YouTube sensation, Nicholai Perrett, reveals how he fought financial crisis without letting it shatter his spirits. Perret, at the age of 18, has more than 6,27,000 followers on his social media handles.

He amuses his audience with unique and funny content on TikTok and Instagram, but little do his followers know about the time in his life when he had absolutely no money, even to buy a meal. Nicholai recollects going through the severe mental pressure of making some income so that he could eat. He was among the few people who understood the influence of social media and shaved off his eyebrows to raise money. The result? A whopping $500 came his way, paying off dividends and making him viral overnight.

In a recent interview, Nicholai reveals some tips for people going through a financial crunch to ‘not give up yet’ and ‘keep hustling’.

Never Losing Hope

Nicholai accepts that when times get tough, it is very easy to lose hope and give up on life. At some point, he might’ve thought to do the same, but it was his willpower that pushed him through challenging times.

He is a firm believer that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and if you’re strong enough to hold on for a little while longer, everything will eventually sort itself out.

Say No to Being Hard on Yourself

When Nicholai faced a tough financial situation in life, it wasn’t all because of his own mistakes. But even if it was, he shares that he wouldn’t ever be too tough on himself. Punishing your own self and criticizing your acts can only take you so far in life. But when you accept your mistakes, understand where you went wrong, and take it as a lesson, only then does your outlook towards the situation changes.

Start Approaching Your Loved Ones

One thing Perret is really proud and grateful for in his life is being surrounded by people who love him. Financial troubles easily reveal people’s true intentions. It can be a depressing moment to find people you thought loved you, walk away, only because you don’t have enough money.

People who care about you will automatically approach you with solutions without you having to go to them, but you must make sure they know of your situation. It might be embarrassing asking for financial help, but you can always repay them later.

Focusing on Your Goals

Nicholai has always made it his life’s agenda to focus on succeeding even if his world was falling apart. He has always focused on his goals to reach somewhere in life and worked really hard to achieve them.

The Instagram star swears by the mantra that nothing’s unachievable if you keep striving hard to get it.

Trying Out Reverse Psychology: Take it as a Challenge!

When Nicholai’s life fell apart, he never thought of himself as ‘unlucky’ or ‘damned.’ Rather, he visualized the situation as a challenge. Using reverse psychology often tricks your brain into thinking that the situation is not half as bad as it looks. It motivates you and gives you the courage to give it your best shot.

When Nicholai’s life turned topsy-turvy after moving to a new city, he looked around for himself and tried finding inspiration and boundless opportunities.

He continues to do so every single day and, with the correct set of thinking, is able to achieve every goal he sets for himself.