Why whatsapp marketing is the best marketing

Hey friends, welcome to my another post today I will tell you how can you start marketing on whatsapp and some cool tricks of marketing. We all are living in a modern world where technology is touching the higher sky. We all need to update with the current world, whenever we talk about the digital world the first thing that comes to our mind was whatsapp. Whatsapp is a smartphone application which is available for Android users as well as for Ios users. Before whatsapp we use text messages to advertise a product but after some time text message is allowed only 100 SMS a day. It was the time when we need something to message other users, for that whatsapp is a perfect application.


What is whatsapp

Whatsapp is an instant message application like by most of the users. Every user recommends whatsapp, and currently, there are over 1 millions of active users in whatsapp families. Today whatsapp has become essential for every work. We can communicate any time through text, voice messages, voice call, and video call. Not only humans but many businesses are depend on WhatsApp. For such users, whatsapp also introduce their WhatsApp business application which has some unique features for their WhatsApp family.


Marketing was the future of our country; there is a very good scope of marketing in the future. If we look around many users are combined with marketing and finding new strategies. Digital marketing is a branch of marketing which is famous because it has less difficulty. Not only that, but there is also a good scope of digital marketing. Digital marketing come in light in the year 2009. Today in India many competitors and users are adopting new technologies. If you want to know more about marketing, then you will get all the required information here.

Whatsapp marketing

The first thing that a user needs to do before learning whatsapp marketing is to know what is whatsapp and how whatsapp work, how whatsapp marketing works what its factor and the need for whatsapp marketing are.

Why whatsapp marketing is the best marketing

There are many things which make WhatsApp marketing the best marketing, some of them are as follows.

1. Self Administered you can send the messages that you want and to the contacts whom you want to send. Here you have your database no need to depends on any other.

2. Data security the messages you send stored on the chat thread, and your data remains secured theirs. Whats app secures your data and privacy.

3.Personalized your message    when you are sending a message in bulk, you also need to change name, city or any number these all things you can personalize in every message. Customization is available in whatsapp messages.

4.Send a message for free unlike the text message that we use to send before some time, charges a lot to every single user. Whats app is a free app which sends a message through the internet. You can send a message as much as you can.

5. Customized sender ID You can customize any id or number in a chat, like a roll number, reference number or customer number.

6.Live chat Do you have a website, and you are looking for customer care live chat but want to keep your data secure. You can choose whats app, whats app can use like live support for your product, and you can chat directly through your smartphone. It is the best and easiest way to live chat.

7.       Auto-replies      An auto-reply is a feature which makes your brand more professional. Sometimes you are not available for live chat, and you can save an auto-reply text for your users.

8.  Whats app group  is a best feature where 256 members can connect in a single group which make a whatsapp group communication easier and fluent. Here, you can show your products, sell them like an eCommerce site.

Future of WhatsApp marketing

It expected by some time whatsapp occupies a large area of online marketing. Many small scale business like, hotel, restaurants, school, colleges show their interest in whatsapp business. Many freelancers are using whatsapp to start their business. In India most of the company are investing in WhatsApp because it is famous in India; every single user knows WhatsApp and is using it. Whatsapp was the lifeline for some projects like for school students, college or any big corporation. They like the feature that whatsapp shows, and it expected whatsapp would bring some change in marketing soon.


The advantage of whatsapp marketing

Today in every marketing there is a strong competition, every business or corporation want tools which make their graph go up, and WhatsApp fit the best for them all. There are lots of advantages of whatsapp marketing as mentioned.

·         It has a cross-platform app available for every device.

·         Not only text we can share, images, videos, contacts which make sharing more comfortable.

·         Bluetick will show that the other user has received the message or have seen it.

·         You can maintain a relationship for the long term over it.

·         Any new offer updates can share easily.

·         No need to install any plugin


Social media and instant messager have to change the concept of communication, its time to use technology and overtake other business. Taking business online is a good step. It increases your sale, and you can stand good marketing over them. Whatsapp has many good advantages. If you are a beginner and want to use whatsapp marketing, then we recommend you to download and install whatsapp for business application. The application has taken a great step which is helping small scale business. And the best part is whatsapp is free to use, and it will remain free.



Whatsapp is a smart app which has a bright future, as an estimate every smartphone user between the age of 18 to 29 use whatsapp of their smartphone. It will show the craze of whatsapp among the other users. On this post, we share some best advantages and tips you can use through whatsapp in marketing. All the required information are shared on this post if you want to know more than comment below your concern, we will reply our best to your comment.