Your social situation and the relationships you have to affect your mental health. It is important to feel community, security, and support in your everyday life.

Close relations

Having social contacts, meeting family and friends is positive for mental health. It is about having fun with others but also having people around you who can provide support, help, and security. Buy Instagram Followers Singapore offer like these people. It does not have to be family or close friends, it can also be fellow students or colleagues, members of an association, or online contacts. Involuntary loneliness can cause mental illness.

Sexual relationships

Sexual relationships can affect mental health. It is important that you can be yourself, feel safe, and can show what you want to do and not. Everyone needs knowledge about sexuality and relationships to be able to make conscious and good choices for their sexual health and mental health.

All sexual relations must be based on voluntariness, reciprocity, autonomy, and respect. The risk of mental illness increases if, for example, you are exposed to sexual harassment, sexual violence, and coercion. 

To be able to be oneself

Being able to be yourself and develop is important for mental health. It is important that people around you are supportive and accepting. If it is missing, you may need to find good and supportive environments or people yourself. If you feel unseen, outside, or exposed, the risk of mental illness increases.

Independence and security

Being able to be independent and feel in control is good for mental health. The risk of mental illness increases if you have a partner or family that limits your independence and ability to decide. The risk also increases if you feel insecure due to, for example, harassment, threats, violence, or other vulnerability.  

To believe in oneself and one’s ability

It is good for mental health if you feel that you are good as a
person, believe in your ability to cope with difficulties in life, and feel that you can handle demands and challenges in different situations. Strengthening one’s self-esteem and self-confidence can be good for mental health.