As we head into 2021, we are being presented with a unique time in history: we are being given a new slate as we embrace a society that has been totally restructured and changed. Although this change has been overwhelming and stressful for so many, it has also provided market opportunities, openings, new jobs, and real estate shifts that might not have been there previously.

Therefore, right now is the perfect time for individuals to conquer their fears, go against the grain, and invest in something new, like real estate. We allow our fears to tell us we can’t do something or that we won’t be good if we try it. We’re afraid of criticism or even worse, the reality of failing. However, these mindset belief patterns can be ignored as you commit yourself to trying something new. 

That’s what 2021 has in store for people around the world, especially minorities and women who are often left out of the conversation.

Lack of Societal Confidence

There is a real confidence gap between men and women, as proven by countless studies. Women are more likely to see themselves ill-prepared or unworthy of a job or task, whereas men often see themselves as over-prepared or deserving of the position. This self-confidence gap causes women to take a backseat to men since they are willing to accept second-best for themselves. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of real estate. For decades, real estate was seen as the boy’s club, due to the high levels of cash flow and investment norms. Today, women want to get in on the real estate action, especially as more people than ever before move around and change up their norm in 2021. The problem is that this self-confidence drain is making it hard for women to compete with men who are more willing to sign the papers for a purchase or rental. That’s where Sofia Castro, the real estate education and female empowerment coach, comes into the picture.

“It’s merely mindset road blockers that are stopping so many women from conquering their fears and profiting from real estate,” said Castro. “Based on my personal experience and the experiences of the women in my life, I realized women were intimidated to get into real estate due to the boy’s club nature of it. They didn’t know how to identify winning properties, or they didn’t have the money to get started. But, the truth of the matter is – neither do the men starting out! They just have the confidence.”

It Starts with Education

Castro believes that mindset fears and barriers can be cured through the facts, namely education. By providing hands-on education and insider knowledge into the best properties to buy, and financing options for those that can’t fund the projects by themselves, Castro knew she could help women develop the confidence they need to compete with the big dogs.

Through this empowerment, women are able to become independently generationally wealthy, even in the midst of a pandemic, concluded Castro.

Castro provides a 5 Steps to Real Estate Royalty as part of her Queens Venture platform today. The 5 steps teach students how to make a winning buying decision, manage properties, maintain capital, scale a business, and identify when it’s the right time to exit.
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