In 2016, Sohail Hussain created his first social media page. And by using various methods, he was able to grow this page to a significant amount, eventually making monetization possible. 

This was the start of Sohail’s career in the social media growth industry. With his innate passion for social media, social marketing, and e-commerce, Sohail was able to acquire over 100 concurrent clients and gain ownership of numerous media sharing groups, online marketplaces, and discussion boards. 

He has also gained an estimated 6.5 million followers for his clients in the course of his career, thus establishing a strong reputation for himself online. 

Sohail’s success can be attributed to not just his skills and talents alone, but also to his work ethic that values honesty and willingness to learn from adversity among other principles. 

Listen and Establish Connections

Seeing his success, others would want to eventually follow in Sohail’s footsteps and pursue a career in social media growth. To them, Sohail advises the importance of growing their network and establishing connections as these could be the key factor to help determine their success in business. 

He also advises people to listen to the opinions and views of others, even if they’re not someone that they particularly get along with. 

“Behind every set of beliefs lies justification, and until you know and understand the reasons these views are held, they will be impossible to change. And that to me is what determines success; the ability to change the minds of others so that they see the world in the same way as you,” the young entrepreneur said. 

Focused on Positivity 

Being involved in social media, Sohail encounters negativity which affects people and could likely lead to stress. 

So to avoid stress and being affected by such pessimism, Sohail keeps his mind focused on the positive aspects of life.

“I like to focus my mind on what is good, and I find that in doing so I avoid a lot of stress and potential burnouts,” Sohail said.

And when it comes to obstacles, Sohail keeps a calm, strategic facade by breaking down the problem into smaller, easier to accomplish steps. 

“By doing so, I make the end goal look less daunting and I am able to feel a sense of accomplishment throughout the process rather than just at the end,” the young entrepreneur said.  

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