There are two job interview mistakes that nearly everyone makes. What are they and how can you avoid making them? Most people are not trained in interview techniques, even though people change jobs so frequently. 

The first mistakes are not being prepared to answer behavioral questions. Recruiters have been using this technique for a long time now. It is an open-ended question that requires you to tell a story or long answer. For example, they may ask you to tell them about a time you had to work with a difficult coworker or a large problem to overcome.  Any question that requires you to go back in time, it allows the interviewers to understand your behavior. When people are called upon to give this answer, answers can land all over the map.

You want your answers to be succinct, logical and factual. Knowing how to answer behavioral questions is extremely important.

The next biggest problem interviewers see is not allowing the interview to be a two-way conversation. People think that because they are being interviewed, they should do most of the talking. In reality, you are there to build a relationship. That first interview is about your ability to have a conversation. How can you do this? Ask questions! When you get to the point of the interview where they ask if you have questions, you should be prepared.

The third mistake that people commonly make in interviews is not providing work samples. When choosing these samples, you want to choose the highest quality of work you have. Never share anything that is confidential. Depending on the type of work you do, your portfolio may be online or physical. Whatever the case, make sure it looks nice! You can also include a phrase on your resume stating “professional portfolio available for review.”That will certainly make you stand out from the crowd!

If you build these three skills, your interviews will go much more smoothly! Make sure you are prepared to answer behavioral questions, make it a two-way conversation, and bring samples of your best work!