Motivation can sometimes be as elusive as a fleeting dream. One minute it’s there, the next minute it has slipped right through the fingers. Most people struggle with on the job motivation from time to time, it is quite normal. The trick is for a person not to be too hard on themselves while taking a proactive approach to regain their lost motivation. There are many useful tips and tricks that a person can use to regain their motivation, thus propelling themselves towards far greater productivity throughout the course of the workday.

5 Easy Ways to Find Motivation at Work

1. Pursue Small Goals – Motivation often eludes people that only focus on the longer-term or bigger picture. Instead, try to focus on daily goals or even hourly goals. Tackling goals that can be accomplished in a day can build confidence, a greater sense of fulfillment, and lead people to renewed motivation.

2. Build Solid Relationships – A great way to regain lost motivation at work is to focus on building meaningful relationships in the workplace. Forming strong bonds with coworkers has been proven to increase on the job motivation, as people often inspire each other to greater heights. Healthy workplace relationships also help employees feel a greater sense of belonging in their work environment.

3. Learn to Let Go – Finding on the job motivation often is the result of letting go of the smaller and insignificant things about a job the drive dissatisfaction. Whether it is a nagging boss, a coworker that is a bit too noisy, or not enough time to take lunch, learn to let go and focus on the positive.

4. Leave Work on Time – Studies have shown that employees that linger around at work longer than is necessary are 60 percent more likely to suffer from motivational issues or work burnout. A way to combat this is to make sure that work ends at the proper time. That means clock out once the shift is over and go home to recuperate.

5. Celebrate Work Victories – A person that achieves even a small on the job accomplishment should take the time to celebrate the achievement. That might mean beers after work with coworkers to celebrate, or it might even include a one-person mental victory party.