Imposter Syndrome is a mindset that affects one in five small and medium-sized businesses business owners. It leads to a fear of being exposed as a fraud or failure despite the constant successes of the company. Many believe that their knowledge isn’t sufficient enough to actually flourish and that they aren’t worthy of their accomplishments. How can we, as entrepreneurs, beat such a crippling feeling?

Face It Head On
Instead of procrastinating on a project that is making you feel anxious or stressed, face it head-on. Confronting your fears, as opposed to suppressing them until you implode, is a healthy way to improve self-awareness. If you can accurately identify the exact cause of your anxiety, you’re better equipped to mount an argument against it.

Stand Proudly and Powerfully
Standing in a powerful pose while talking for at least two minutes is proven to increase confidence. This activity can help rid you of imposter syndrome symptoms, providing you with a sense of worthiness in relation to your accomplishments. Addressing your self-doubt in this mode is much more effective at improving your mood than doing so while continuing to work through the anxiety.

Understand You Aren’t Alone
Recognizing that everyone experiences self-doubt is an important step in alleviating your concerns. Approximately 70 percent of employees experience the signature low self-confidence associated with Imposter Syndrome. When you are unsure of yourself, stop and think about some of the people occupying similar positions in your workplace. Odds are some of them feel the same way. What are some of their qualifications? Do they compare to yours? Engaging in this exercise is a good way to calm yourself down.

Accept Compliments and Praise
The more open people are to praise, the more confident they become as they begin to believe the compliments. Refusing to minimize compliments and praise is a good way to clap back at the negativity inspired by Imposter Syndrome. Eventually, you will learn to compliment yourself on the small successes, which goes a long way in helping to beat Imposter Syndrome altogether.

Find a Support Team
You shouldn’t depend on others to assign your worth. That being said, having a solid group of trusted individuals that believe in you is a great way to quickly stop your mind from traveling down the wrong road. Ask them to set you back on track when you begin experiencing symptoms.

The internet is full of other tips and tricks for battling this fraudulent feeling. When all else fails, the best thing to do is to try another avenue. Reread your CV, make a list of what you’ve already accomplished, pause to reset your thought patterns. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the feeling. Imposter Syndrome is capable of taking down even the most qualified entrepreneur so it’s best to deal with it right away.