For anyone that has not heard of the Sunday Scaries, it is the existential angst, doom, gloom, fear, anxiety, and depression that grips anyone on the Sunday before a long upcoming work or school stretch. People that suffer from the Sunday Scaries usually feel unfocused, unmotivated, and prefer to lie around all day feeling terrible. Thankfully, there are many ways that a person can quickly and effortlessly snap out of a bad case of the Sunday Scaries. It is widely thought that about 40 percent of all college students and working professionals experience the Sunday Scaries at least once each calendar month.

The Top 5 Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries:

1. Vigorously Exercise 

The number-one proven cure for the Sunday Scaries is to exercise vigorously for up to 2 hours. Exercising intensely will cause the brain to dump dopamine into the system, also known as the happy hormone. With dopamine flowing through the bloodstream, there is little chance of feeling bad on a Sunday.

2. Avoid Caffeine 

A person suffering from the Sunday Scaries should absolutely avoid caffeine. Caffeine will typically cause the anxiety associated with the Sunday Scaries to worsen. Once the caffeine crash occurs, it will also worsen any feelings of depression or fatigue that a Sunday Scaries suffer is experiencing.

3. Consume a Healthy Fatty Meal 

Getting the proper nutrition can absolutely ward off the Sunday Scaries. One of the best meals to boost a person’s mood on a dreadful Sunday is one that contains a healthy fat source. Avocados, salmon, eggs, Greek yogurt, and a moderate amount of cheese are all great healthy fat candidates.

4. Take a Supplement

 Taking a supplement can absolutely get rid of the Sunday Scaries. Some great supplements to consider are CBD oil, probiotics, fish oil, B vitamins, magnesium oil, or 5-HTP. Supplements that are taken on the day of a Sunday Scaries episode can work quickly to alleviate some of the symptoms.

5. Sit in a Suana 

 A sauna session is known to be a near-immediate mood booster, especially if you really crank up the heat to a high but safe level. The heat stress placed on the body will cause the brain to release endorphins which will instantly brighten anyone’s mood.