The SEIA reported that some of the biggest conglomerates, namely, Amazon, Apple, Target, and Walmart, are investing in solar and renewable energy more than ever before. In fact, these top users of the business sector in America have installed more than 7,000 megawatts of capacity across more than a variety of 35,000 facilities across the United States.

Studies conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic projected that solar installations are expected to expand across all market segments until 2021 as prices drop. Moreover, the total installed solar capacity will be more than double in the next five years, with an estimated 100 gigawatts by 2021.

Two brothers, Justin and Christopher Gordnick found an opportunity in the solar power business and have since been a dominant force in the industry since launching Phoenix Energy. Christopher, a US Army Veteran with a Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio University, invited his brother Justin to join him and start the company. Their entrepreneurial spirit can be traced back to grade school when they kept themselves busy, making door-to-door sales selling self-written newspapers and chores for a quick buck. It was tedious work for a couple of grade-schoolers, but they made a profit. They circled back to entrepreneurship and have since made their company a force to be reckoned with in the solar energy business.

Phoenix Energy has become the leading solar energy company that delivers first-class service by combining top quality, reliability, and compliance. It has grown into the solar energy provider of choice in the market and the ultimate expert in solar power, having installed dozens of Megawatts of solar energy in the United States. Phoenix Energy now services consumers in different time zones and continents, and their lines are open 24/7 to respond to clients’ needs.

Even in the crisis of COVID-19, they continue to provide services by appropriately responding to the needs of the current time. System installations are carried out safely with the same level of efficiency using the appropriate PPE and procedures throughout the installation and maintenance process. And when Justin and Christopher are not busy working on Phoenix Energy, they can be found supplying personal protective equipment to hospitals and governments worldwide.

Each kilowatt of solar power offsets carbon dioxide and destructive gasses, and your daily carbon footprint is significantly decreased. Saving the environment is an enormous benefit; however, one of the more popular reasons is its economic impact. Solar energy systems installed in areas flooded with sunlight generate more power than what is consumed, thus significantly lowering the bill up to 80%. However, a home or establishment must have a professionally installed system to maximize the benefits of solar energy. 

Phoenix Energy turns natural sunlight into AC electricity all day, and any excess goes into the solar grid. However, nothing is going to waste because surplus power can be used at night. As the grid reallocates excess power to other users in the network, your meter runs backward to account for that excess, instantly lowering your bill. And thanks to innovations in solar energy, stormy weather and blackouts are no longer an issue.

The price for the entire system may cost around $40,000 upfront, but qualified consumers have the option to acquire the system on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a leasing program that significantly decreases the initial cost required for installation. Eligible clients may also take advantage of the $0 down payment with no out of pocket expenses. So while you’re saving money for the next 20 years, you’re spared from companies that keep raising their ceiling prices.

As for government rebates and incentives, solar panel users are eligible for an investment tax credit or ITC. ITC is a federal tax credit that equals 30% of the cost of your solar power system. And if you usually owe money at the end of tax season, this credit can significantly reduce the amount you owe. You can use this tax credit the following year If you don’t owe taxes the year that you invest in solar energy. Local governments also offer incentive programs at the state level, and Phoenix Energy assists consumers in exploring these options.

Phoenix Energy is the reason why thousands of homes and businesses are running on clean, renewable energy to save the planet and saving thousands of dollars. Join Justin Gordnick and Christopher Gordnick in assisting thousands of families and businesses cut costs and making a greener Earth through Phoenix Energy. To contact them and get a free consultation, or inquire about PPE supply, send an email to [email protected] or visit their website,