“The world is just too big to have to wait around for someone else every time you want to go on an adventure.”

Isabella Howell, The Great House Antigua

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The Voyage inward begins solo travel

There’s a growth spurt in going alone to see the wide world, and a lot of it comes down to wellbeing.

Solo travel is beyond a trend it’s a way of life for many and a must do for others. The days of awkward feelings and western turnarounds when you walk in a restaurant, bar or to the poolside, have long gone. Other guests will probably think look at that highflyer, independent and free getting some much needed chill out time. 

Are you burnt out or fed up of the same old… then maybe this article is the sign you were waiting for. If going on holiday alone makes you fill up with dread and anxiety start with slow travel and define a detox, relaxation rhythm and theme to your first solo trip.

A wellness retreat is always the perfect starting point, much like the ones hosted at  The Great House Antigua. You will also find an all-female team and find yourself surrounded by guests that will be in the same travelling-solo vibe. Wellness retreats are great for solo travellers with all meals and activities scheduled on a personal plan that works for you. 

Single travellers make up 11% of the overall travel market. 42% increase in solo traveller bookings over the last two years. 25% of millennials in the UK plan to take a solo trips in the next 12 months. 10% of all holidaymakers say they have taken a trip or holiday on their own in the past 24 months.

Female travel has become a major phenomenon over the past few years with travel companies dedicated to woman-only clientele increasing by 230%. There has been a growing desire for females to travel alone and it is expected that $125 billion dollars or £88,598,125,000.00 will be spent by women on travel this year in 2021!

Condor Ferries have recently published the below female solo traveller stats for 2021

Travel companies dedicated to woman-only customers have hugely increased by 230% over the past few years.

  • 32 million single women went traveling at least once over the past year and 1 in 3 travelled 5 times or more.
  • It has been found that 80% of all travel decisions are made by women.
  • The search volume for the term ‘female solo travel’ across all search engines has increased by 62% over the past three years.
  • 59% of woman solo travellers would travel alone again in the next 12 months.
  • Regardless of what is going on in the world, it has been found that 86% of women state that they are not afraid to travel.
  • 65% of women in the UK have vacationed without their partner.
  • 27% of travel agents believe that sightseeing and shopping are the most popular activities when women are booking travel.
  • It has been found that 75% of those who take adventure, cultural or nature trips are women
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Gabriella Howell enjoying a solo travel experience

Why should we all embrace solo travel?

Forbes recently wrote that everyone should try solo travel at least once in their lives. Solo travel gives you a chance to reconnect with who you are and what you want in life. Many of us get swept along by the expectations of others or societal and work pressures and we lose our ability to listen to our inner voice and trust our own instincts and intuition. Solo travel can see you standing in front of dream horizons and travelling paths less travelled, however the biggest voyage of discovery and the most rewarding journey is the journey inward the self-reflection that comes with travelling on your own

The top 10 reasons people love solo travel

  1. The freedom and independence it will give you
  2. You can plan your perfect trip without any compromises
  3. The self- confidence and empowerment it gives you
  4. The journey of self-discovery it unfolds and the healing it offers
  5. It’s easier to meet like-minded people and make new friends
  6. You suddenly have all the time in the world to reflect and think in peace
  7. You stay in the moment and become mindful with greater awareness of our surroundings and make conscious choices that serve you better
  8. There’s no better education than to travel
  9. It brings clarity giving you a great sense of self with your purpose and path moving forward
  10. You will be left with a great sense of achievement (Making you feel you can literally take on the world)
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A view of the entrance to the expansive pool at The Great House Antigua
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Arriving in style solo travel to Antigua in the Caribbean

However solo travel is not just for females…

Here’s a story shared on trip advisor from one of The Great House Antigua’s guests Phil.

He talks about how transformative solo travel was in terms of healing.

“Following the sudden, unanticipated death of my Father in 2018, I went to Antigua alone in search of rest, relaxation, healing and introspection. By the grace of God, I stumbled on The Great House Antigua when researching the island and it’s no exaggeration to state that all my prayers were answered. It was truly a profound experience and precisely the unique holiday experience I was seeking. 

Waking to the sounds of wildlife each morning, I was blessed with the opportunity to partake in one-to-one yoga sessions with the most fabulous and attentive instructor, some days beneath the trees, on others with the view of the sea in the distance as the sun came up. Breakfast was then served by the equally friendly and attentive staff – meals were served three times daily and all the food was healthy and tasty in equal measure.

The wi-fi signal was ample enough to not feel disconnected but insufficient to keep me stuck into a pattern of over-reliance on mobile technology for the duration of my stay – perhaps the biggest blessing of all! I was still able to download books to my Kindle and I spent most of my time reading, relaxing, swimming and reflecting in surrounds that delivered on my wish to seek temporary refuge from the pressures of modern day life to perfection. 

On the last day I had a boxing class with a fitness instructor in the great outdoor surrounds as the sun went down before indulging in a two hour hot stone massage treatment to complete my holiday. 

I still feel emotional when I think about the uplifting, replenishing effects my stay at the Great House had upon me and I am forever grateful to the staff there for their kindness during a sensitive time for me personally. I sincerely hope I am lucky enough to be able to return there again in the not-too-distant future.”

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Gabriella, Director of The Great House Antigua notes “both myself and my sisters are avid solo travellers and we know how important it is to feel safe and supported when you are away on holiday on your own. All of our team at The Great House Antigua share our passion for making every guest feel like they belong. We always say arrive as a guest, and leave as family, and we mean this.”

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Meet Isabella and Gabriella Howell owners of The Great House Antigua

Set in the most picturesque grounds with amazing views. The house maintains all of its traditional charm and character

Another guest wrote of their solo trip at The Great House Antigua, “I have just returned from the most amazing holiday in Antigua, staying at the Great House Health Sanctuary. The Great House was so unique, unlike any other I came across on the island. Set in the most picturesque grounds with views to die for. The house maintains all of its traditional charm and character from when it was once a sugar plantation. It even has its own chimney ruin which now houses a natural bee hive, Stunning. 

Chimney from historic sugar plantation 350 years old. The Great House, Antigua

The health food served was delicious. The onsite trainers are very professional and there to work with you at whatever level you require. A morning work out over-looking Mercers creek is quite magical. The treatments offered are a real treat, definitely recommended. You have to see the beaches surrounding the island to believe how truly wonderful they are, Wow. The locals are the friendliest I have come across whilst abroad. A drive across the island to soak up the culture enables you to see the colourful characters they are. A must is a night out at Shirley heights on a Sunday evening. What a night, what an island and what a resort. The Great House was definitely the highlight of the island.”

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Locally sourced ingredients go into every dish at The Great House Antigua
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Solo travelling paradise at The Great House Antigua. Home from Home.


“Where do you go to unwind? Look no further, I was looking for a complete location to both detox and focus on my life as well as meet good people and eat well. On arrival, I was greeted by some of the staff from TGH, I felt completely welcome. I was shown to my room – this beautiful building is picturesque with beauty 365 degrees around. Leaving no care in the world, I felt completely relaxed. The classes are tailored to your own abilities and how you are feeling on that particular day, nothing is set in stone and you have a complete bespoke package based on your own personal needs. The food is locally sourced and all healthy and more importantly tasted fantastic. I cannot recommend the sanctuary enough – this is a picture perfect location filled with history.”

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Logan Stone relaxing, spa time at The Great House Antigua
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Relaxation guaranteed with solo travel at The Great House Antigua

For more information please visit : https://www.thegreathouseantigua.com