The feeling of anger, irritability, and frustration during unprecedented times are widespread. However, keep in mind that you are not alone in this situation. The immediate environment is very different from what it was a few months back. The difficulty of adjusting to this new environment has resulted in anxiety, mood, swings, and frustration. The way people respond to changes differs from person to person. Some people adapt quickly, and some may take a little longer when they confront a new situation. If you feel that you are suffering from anxiety and frustration, you may opt to deal with the situation.

First and foremost, it is essential to apprehend that you are feeling anxious and frustrated. Many people do not accept this situation because of societal norms. These societal norms regard anger as wrong as it leads to bad behavior. It is the primary reason people hold back to their feelings, which ultimately leads to mental depression.

Marc Ravenscroft helps individuals to lower their anger and frustration during COVID.

Be gentle to yourself: many people have heard about this fact and believe that it has positive implications on the individual’s wellbeing. In case you are easily frustrated or irritated, it suggests that you need to make an extra effort in calming yourself. Try to manage time, watching a movie, walking with the dog; indulging in activities you enjoy doing. These are simple ways of taking care of yourself without any outside interference. During the pandemic, calmness is essential.

Sleep routine: Ensure that you get enough rest and sleep as it plays an essential role in developing good mental health. Sleep is necessary as it reduces the feeling of frustration and irritability. By getting enough sleep, you may counteract negative emotions and soothe your body and mind. On the whole, it ensures a proper balance of physical and mental health amid the pandemic.

Do focus on the present: with so many restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, it is difficult for individuals to follow their usual routine. It has resulted in developing a feeling of frustration and anger because they cannot keep up with their regular activities. By focusing on things over which you do not have any control, you will only increase your mental stress and anxiety. Hence, it is important to focus all your attention on the present condition and prepare a list of things you want to ensure shortly. Never overwhelm your mind with negative thoughts and emotions as they are detrimental to mental health.

Physical exercise: according to Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft, along with a balanced diet, adequate physical activity is essential to ensure mental peace. Anything from brisk walking to jogging, running, or cycling may significantly benefit, reducing stress levels and anxiety. Physical activity helps an individual to gain proper control of themselves.

Apart from this, reflecting on the current situation and developing a routine will help you amalgamate the available resources. Try to focus on the current situation and channelize all your efforts into solving current problems rather than filling your mind with future thoughts. On the other hand, developing a routine will help bring stability to your life even with the COVID threat.