Brian C Jensen

The uncertainty of the future has led to significant challenges for people worldwide. Day-to-day problems have devastated many people. No business or medical training has prepared team members to survive in such a situation.

Smaller entrepreneurs do not know whether their businesses will survive, and more influential organizations are wondering what changes they have to make to continue work with social distancing norms. Planning is essential for everybody in day-to-day life. However, uncertainty during a pandemic has made it very difficult to plan things, which has led to an increase in worries.

Brian C Jensen on how to eradicate worries

Instead of focusing on planning, you should focus on organizing your life at present. It could be something as small as organizing your cupboard or decluttering your house. A clean and organized environment can help you to think clearly and positively.

It would be best if you found gratitude, even in such trying times. Gratitude is something that kills negativity in your mind. It will help if you keep your focus on the positive aspects of life despite all the negativity around maintaining your mental health.

Your mental health is already affected by the crisis; therefore, you should try to keep your body healthy to prevent illness. You must maintain a healthy diet and supplement it with adequate vitamins, says Brian C Jensen.

You can also take up health drinks to increase your dose of nutrition. It is advisable to limit your time in front of a computer to prevent adverse effects, which are detrimental to your mental and physical health. You can utilize your time better by devoting it to your hobbies.

 It would be best if you indulged in creative efforts and developing skills that you love to practice, such as, cooking, dancing, writing, and sketching. Indulging in good hobbies can help you navigate through this crisis. You may also use digital platforms to learn new skills to channel your energies in a positive direction.

How to manage relationships during a pandemic?

Spending time on social media does not always mean surfing aimlessly. It would help if you also devoted meaningful time to people. You can indulge in meaningful, online interactions with people who are close to you.

You may consider getting in touch with those with whom you have unhealthy relationships. Repairing unconventional relationships also positively impacts your mental state. Currently, the entire world is vulnerable. As such, you could get in touch with your loved ones to express concern. It creates a sense of belongingness when you strengthen your relationships or social network. Make it a habit to hug your family members every day and night.

People typically ignore mental health, but the pandemic has changed the way people think about both their mental and physical health. Now people focus on mental health as much as on their physical well-being. Various digital wellness programs have launched to facilitate habit-building among people.

Staying proactive about your mental health will bring about your well-being, and the well-being of people associated with you. It is worth the effort to invest time in mental well-being.