Right from the declaration of Covid-19 since March, there is a surge in the graph of mental illness. With every passing day, millions of individuals encounter the disease and realize that Coronavirus is fatal. The new normal, which has introduced strict restrictions in individuals’ lives, has resulted in various problems. Many individuals are dealing with a high level of chronic stress and anxiety, which has resulted from the fact that people have to live with the threat of viral illness. The uncertainty associated with the situation has worsened the situation.

Ram Duriseti provides different ways to ensure better mental health

Focus on the present: the last few months have taught human beings that change is constant. People have realized that the pandemic will not end any soon, and thereby they feel stressed and overwhelmed. However, by focusing on negative thoughts, you will only worsen the situation. When you see the case slipping out of your hand, the only thing you may do is focus on your available resources. Try to think about the present situation and what is happening, which will help develop a feeling of control.

Get hold of facts: the most effective way of dealing with the loss of control is to grab reliable points. You must have an objective approach while thinking about a situation. Try to stay open to changes and see things objectively. In addition to this, keep in mind that every family is different, and works for one family may not work for another. So do not panic; instead, become complacent with what you have.

Work out a sustainable routine: according to Ram Duriseti, by working on a performance, you may release yourself of mental stress and increase your focus on positive activities. A formulated structure will help you to have full control over your daily activities. Every individual likes systems, schedules, and predictability. It will help give you an accurate picture of the entire day and increase your chances of engagement.

Connect with your values: Although these are trying times, it does not mean that people cannot connect with their sense of purpose. Studies reveal that only pleasure and joy does not bring happiness. The desire to connect with a more profound understanding of the meaning is equally required. By identifying essential values and thereby conveying them to your friends and family, you may achieve a sense of fulfillment.

Do physical activity: various studies have revealed the effectiveness of physical activity on chronic stress. Try to find an activity which you enjoy and increase your engagement thereby.

It is essential to acknowledge your feelings as well as work to increase your pleasure and happiness. Maybe you require a vacation or a small family get together with precautions. It will bring a change to your mental outlook. Try to figure out what your requirements are and thereby work towards legibly fulfilling them. You have to make yourself mentally more vital to deal with the present crisis.