Are you happy? Think about it for a moment: are you really, truly happy in your career?

Studies have shown that the human mind finds fulfillment & happiness in doing tasks that are useful, so it’s likely that you get an emotional reward from your work — otherwise you would have changed careers long ago.

Still, before that first cup of coffee, do you come in filled with excitement about the day ahead, or do you have trepidation about a pile of unsolved problems that you have to tackle while simultaneously pushing your business forward?

Maybe the problem isn’t you or your job — it’s that you’ve missed a critical off-ramp to the world of hustle. You’re still stuck in the fast lane pushing as hard & fast as you can, despite the fact that the more successful you become the harder you have to push just to keep pace with all of the demands.

What did you miss? In a word: help. Learn how MyOutDesk virtual assistant services can help you get it!

When you’ve got a tiny business, you can wear all the hats, do all the jobs, and keep all the profits. Even on a small scale, it’s a lot of work, but at least you can keep up with things. Then, as your business starts to grow, the demands increase. More customers, more prospects, more demands on your time — more hustle.

As a business owner, you’re like a frog in the pot of water — it’s easy to miss the slowly increasing heat as it comes to boil, until you’ve reached a point where you’re waking up early & staying up late just to stay on top of things. You never would have taken a job working for somebody else doing this kind of work, but for some reason you torture yourself with it because it gives you freedom.

Freedom? We need to redefine the term, because you’re definitely not free and able to determine your own course in life if you spend all day, every day running just to keep up. Perhaps we could say that “creating your own trap is better than being bait in somebody else’s” — but that’s still a dark, pessimistic view of things, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

As your business grows, you need to add team members to handle the busy-work that you no longer have time for. Your job is to be a leader, provide vision & inspiration, and handle key tasks that nobody else can manage — and maybe even sip the occasional Pina Colada on the beach of a tropical resort along the way.

The way that you get from here to there is by hiring staff to handle the hustle for you — which is exactly what MyOutDesk does for thousands of clients across the United States. We provide higher-quality staffing with prices 60% less than you’d pay for in-house staff, with the flexibility you need to handle any type of assistance required.