Building a career in fashion and taking care of the kids, husband, and home can be a daunting task. Maintaining a balance between personal and professional life is never easy for women and often either of it takes a hit. Most would hesitate to start a new career late in life and not everyone is up for that kind of challenge. This does not hold true for Soneca Guadara, a personal fashion stylist and style writer.

Born and raised in New York, Soneca now resides amidst the same city with her husband and kids. Her love for fashion and styling arrived at a later stage in her life. Although a late bloomer, her passion, and curiosity led her to study fashion styling from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

Going back to where it started, one summer when her kids were in a summer camp and Soneca had some free time on her hands, she decided to look up for some fashion courses online which eventually brought on many future opportunities for her career. It was not an instant decision to become a fashion stylist; it all started gradually and led her to pursue her passion. That’s how one thing led to another, and in no time, Soneca was hooked. She realized that she had taken so many classes that she was eligible to graduate and get certified in Fashion Styling. It took her two years to do this and Soneca has never looked back since.

She started out at as a wardrobe stylist at Talbot Runhof where she would help models select different outfits to wear for the market week. During her next stint with Kate Mossman, she was responsible for handling all the aspects of a fashion shoot, right from taking care of the outfits to returning merchandise and running errands. Following this, she worked as a fashion stylist with Mindy Le Brock, helping her source outfits for her celebrity clients.

Soon, Soneca earned a name for herself as a fashion stylist and began writing articles on the latest trends and styles for various magazines like BctheMag, Hubb.Fashion, and Vrai Magazine. Presently, Soneca works as a freelance personal fashion stylist & style writer and manages her brainchild ‘Style by Soneca.’

Soneca’s incredible journey grasped the interest of the press which got her featured in many magazines and YouTube shows. She has gained considerable fame for her views and ideas on fashion and people follow her style mantra to overhaul their wardrobes.

Soneca believes not just in fashion but also in giving back to society. She has served as a committee member of St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital for over a decade, first by cooking for the children and then working on fashion for compassion. She also ran for Mrs. Bergen County and Mrs. New Jersey in order to champion the cause for children with special needs.

Although it was not a smooth path to walk on, Soneca emerged as a winner in maintaining a perfect work-life balance. She is a source of inspiration for women to follow their dreams with the right amount of hard work and determination.