As a medical doctor working at the frontline of this pandemic here in Ireland, I would like to share a poem I wrote. Stay safe and stay strong this too shall pass.

Soul Breath

May the breath of your soul be your wisdom guide,

May the beacon of your soul bring respite inside;

May you bring presence to all that you do,

May care and compassion be that which is you; May you have the gift of wisdom and staying awake,

May each dawn bring new promise not to forsake;

And dusk find you grateful for the helter-skelter

May night bring serenity and security of shelter;

As day turns to night, and month turns to year,

May the passing of time bring you no fear;

Each day you toil, as life’s depths take their toll,

May love and light bring breath to your soul.


  • Dr. Mark Rowe

    Family Physician, Author, Expert in Lifestyle Medicine & Speaker

    Dr. Mark Rowe has been a family physician for more than 20 years and is a thought leader in the areas of Lifestyle Medicine and Corporate Wellbeing. His practice is based at the Waterford Health Park in Ireland, a primary care facility he founded as a new paradigm for community health. In 2013, the Waterford Health Park received the Global Health Improvement Award, ‘A Place to Flourish.’ He is among the first medical professionals globally to be certified as a Diplomate of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. Lifestyle Medicine is defined as an evidence-based 'lifestyle first' approach to prevention and treatment of chronic disease. By incorporating his philosophy of wellbeing with his extensive medical experience, he facilitates lasting positive change in people and their organisations. He has authored several books to date including 'A Prescription for Happiness’ and ‘The Men’s Health Book’. He also writes the GoodHealthTimes, a newsletter with seasonal positive health messages. His popular TEDx talk took place at UCD Ireland in December 2017, titled ‘The Doctor of the Future: Prescribing Lifestyle As Medicine’. Dr. Rowe regularly delivers events and workshops for organisations on topics including: #. Prescription For Inner Happiness. #. Keys To Real Resilience. #. Connecting to Purpose - Your ‘Transformer’. #. Self-Care: Lifestyle As Medicine. #. Optimum Vitality. #. Habits & Willpower That Work. #. Cultivating Environments To Flourish. #. Why Wellbeing Works.